Monday, March 18, 2013

May 2012

In May we celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary in Yosemite with Jonathan's parents. We saw a bunch of different areas of the park, some repeats from last year (here and here) and some new. Jonathan and his dad both had a good time photographing various sights (we even went out to try some long-exposure night shots!), and below you can see a picture I took of them trying to get great photos of a waterfall!

Another thing we did while his parents were visiting was attend the annual Sunnyvale Downtown Wine & Food Stroll, which we all enjoyed. We also went to a street fair in downtown Campbell, which is an area I don't get to much but always like. We went to Maker Faire for the second time. While it was still fun, I don't think I'll be making an annual thing out of it. And, up in San Francisco, we rode the cable cars and visited the Cable Car Museum (worth a short trip, although they had some terrible editing errors in the displays).

I also did some video game testing. I can't really say much about it because of non-disclosure agreements, but one of the games I played is now available for purchase, so it's kinda cool to see that I might have made a difference somewhere.

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