Tuesday, April 24, 2012

March 2012

March was another whirlwind month for us, though nothing much actually happened. Jonathan did more volunteer work with the science high schoolers (oh, we went to a big Boy Scout award dinner at the beginning of February to thank all of the volunteers over the course of the year - it was one of the most inspirational things I've ever been to!) and I took on being part of our high school reunion committee (ten years in June! wow!). We talked about going skiing before the end of the season, but didn't really have the time or energy... luckily, it's just been a junky year for snow and nobody is really having great experiences anyway, so we don't really feel bad.

We did, however, take a short trip to Florida to see one of my oldest friends (since sixth grade!), Jessica, finally marry Bret. They were engaged for about six years (she's been in med school), so it was wonderful to share in their special day. We got a chance to see Jonathan's aunt and uncle as well, so it was a pretty eventful getaway. The wedding day was incredibly rainy, but, luckily, they had a very large tent, so it wasn't that big of a problem (though the humidity level was pretty high later in the evening). It did delay the start of things, however, as the ceremony was in the open, near some gorgeous trees. Jonathan had his camera and took some great pictures, so I'll post a few.
cupcakes & pies instead of wedding cake!

they wrote their own vows... Jess's made ME cry!

just after the kiss!

with the bride! (and, for those of you following the hair
drama, this is four days after I had it recolored)

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