Wednesday, April 18, 2012

January 2012: Weddings & Birthdays

When we left Las Vegas, we flew to Orlando. We're not always able to attend every wedding for which we're invited, but seeing how two were on the same day, in the same city, Jonathan has known the grooms since childhood, and one of the grooms was in our wedding party, we made the arrangements. Now, this was complicated by the fact that the weddings began only thirty minutes apart! Luckily, things went swimmingly and we were able to catch many of the major events at both! [I thought we had taken some photos, but they must be on a memory card someplace, so nothing to share there, sorry!]

We started out at Steve & Karen's ceremony, which was in the same sanctuary where Jonathan and I were married. They both looked so happy. We had originally planned to go straight to their reception, but at the last minute we decided to pop by Eric & Kara's ceremony to get a program. Fortunately, they seemed to have gotten a late start, so we went in and sat near the back and were able to see most of the ceremony. On the way out, we talked to a few friends so we were excited to see them later. We hadn't missed much when we arrived at Steve & Karen's reception, and spent some time catching up with the others at our table and some others as well. We stayed for dinner and really enjoyed the pasta station they had! We got a chance to talk with the bride and groom, but we headed out just before the first dance. Originally, we had planned to stay a little longer, but the second reception had changed venues and we needed to give ourselves extra time for travel. We arrived at Eric & Kara's reception about ten minutes before their cocktail hour was over, then picked at the dinner served. Most of our table didn't show up, so it was just Jonathan and me, his parents, and our friend, Justin. It did make it easier to talk with a few friends, though, with extra space at our table! The cake was good, the speeches were cute, but we didn't get to do much dancing. We left before the very end, but were still able to participate in the "Dollar Dance" and see the happy couple one-on-one.

When we landed back in Florida I noticed there were advertisements at the airport for the Ice Skating World Championships - apparently they were being held in San Jose this year! I was immediately obsessed with getting tickets, and Jonathan kindly obliged my desire. I ultimately decided to buy Championship Pairs tickets, an event which took place just after my birthday. But, I didn't want to get slammed with a Ticketmaster fee, so I waited. Turned out to work out perfectly! Jonathan had entered a raffle at work for tickets to the Junior Ladies Short Program, and he won! So, we went there on Monday night for that competition, and while we were there, we bought the other tickets directly from the box office! I was overjoyed at being able to be there and see the skaters in real life. Jonathan was a good sport, and we made a game out of picking who would win and who would fall when we first saw each round of skaters in warm-ups. (You'll clearly be able to tell which photos I took with my simple camera and which ones Jonathan took with his fancy camera, LoL)
I made champagne cupcakes with champagne frosting
and decorated them with vanilla hippos.

Mariah Bell
Ashley Cain
Tiffany Vise & Don Baldwin

Kloe Chanel Bautista & Tyler Harris

Kloe Chanel Bautista & Tyler Harris

Rita Fehr & Peter Biver

Felicia Zhang & Nathan Bartholomay

Mary Beth Marley & Rockne Brubaker - They Won!

Amanda Evora &Mark Ladwig - Even with a fall, they came in 2nd

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