Saturday, April 21, 2012

February 2012: Cake Decorating

February wasn't the busiest month for us, mainly because we had done so much traveling between November, December, and January. We needed a break! Our friend, Tony, spent a day with us while he was in town. He lives in Denver now, so it was nice to see him, especially given the fact that he was only around for less than 24 hours before he continues his trip down to San Diego. And, it just so happened that I began the next set of cake decorating classes that night as well!

It has been a full year since I took the Decorating Basics course, so I was excited to finally be taking Flowers & Cake Design, offered at Michael's by Wilton. I switched locations to get a different instructor, and there were only eight of us in my class. I enjoyed the instructor much more, so I was very sad to hear that she was retiring after that month. Otherwise, I would have been more likely to consider taking the next course (fondant!) right away. Now, it looks like I'll likely wait until at least August, if not longer. But, that's okay. I still had a lot of fun and learned a lot. There was still a lot of homework with practicing flowers and techniques, but at least we weren't swimming in cake all month. This course required just one cake, for the final. It was a big one, though, as it needed to be 3-4" high. I definitely chose an ambitious cake to replicate for my final, and three of my seven classmates stayed until I finished (I was the only one who took the entire two hours) to take photos. It was a chocolate cappuccino cake with chocolate cream cheese filling and chocolate buttercream frosting - all from scratch, of course. I sent half of it in for Jonathan's colleagues (who get spoiled by my baking and Jonathan's chili/ribs/pork/etc) and we shared the other half with some friends over the next week.

roses (you can tell the early ones from the later ones!) and lilies

daffodils, primroses, apple blossoms

these were my "backup" flowers for my final cake - roses,
apple blossoms, and violets

my final cake! roses and lilies on top, apple blossoms and violets
on the sides, reverse shell border, and all-around basketweave

a look inside the cake and a little better peak at the basketweave

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