Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kyla in Cali, Part 1 of 2

My sister came out to visit us for 10 days as part of her birthday celebration.

Since I was already in FL, we flew out together to California on a Monday and arrived rather late due to a storm in San Francisco, so we spent Tuesday and Wednesday hanging around the house, showing her local places, and not doing anything too exciting. Well, we did go to the drive-in movies on Wednesday (and stayed for a double feature!), and she enjoyed her first time to one of those.

Thursday, though, was the first day of excitement - she and I spent a few hours at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose. I found out it existed last spring, but hadn't been. They actually have the largest collections of Egyptian artifacts in the western US.
the entrance
Canopic Jar Sarcophagus - it was designed
to hold a jar of the  mummy's internal organs
Tahure's mummy. She was about 28 when she died. 
Gazelle mummy! Elderly women kept gazelles as pets.
Taweret Figure of limestone. 
cat mummy.
Nile catfish mummy. Fish and beef were mummified for
the deceased to "eat" in the afterlife.
baby crocodile mummies, to honor the god Sobek.
That evening we took her for Mediterranean food in downtown Sunnyvale. We particularly love a place called Dish Dash, where we all enjoyed our meals.

Saturday we took the train up to San Francisco to meet up with Jim and have Thai for dinner. Sadly, Kyla didn't enjoy Thai food (and we went to a family-style restaurant, so she was able to try four different dishes) but she thought that the pirate-themed bar (Smuggler's Cove) that we took her to afterward was neat!

Sunday afternoon we took Kyla to a bridal show in San Jose. Since event management is currently the arena in which she wants to enter, plus she enjoys doing work with brides at her current job, I thought she'd like going to a show. I never went to one while I was planning my wedding, so it was interesting for me, too. After she got into it, Kyla had a great time and mentioned it was one of the highlights of the entire trip.

That night we decided to go to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. It actually has quite a history - it's this giant, 150+ room mansion that was constantly under reconstruction for over 30 years. Sarah Winchester believed that the spirits of the men killed by Winchester guns were out to get her, so she kept building onto her home so they couldn't find her. We opted to take the flashlight tour of the house, though I'm sure it's much more spectacular in the daylight! We also went through the "maze" that they had up, which was really a gargantuan haunted house. It took us 15+ minutes to walk through it, and it was VERY well-done. Groups were timed well, the people who popped out were actually pretty scary, and the decorations in each scene were exquisite. Kyla isn't one for too much scary, but a good time was had by all... plus, it started our Halloween festivities!

Monday was pretty low-key, as we had planned to go miniature-golfing but got rained out. Tuesday we spent time at home going over some things for her upcoming college transfer and such.

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