Thursday, October 27, 2011

San Diego Comic-Con, Part 4

By Saturday I knew what was going on and had a good idea of how things were done. Still, I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what time to head out in the morning. I knew that I was going for Ballroom 20, one of the largest rooms... and the longest lines. I knew that I'd be in there for at least 4 hours, but I'd see five panels. I ended up getting to Comic-Con about 7:05am, but that ended up not being a problem, since I still had a good place in my line.
On the way to the Con I stopped and took some photos of the
South Park area that hadn't opened for the day yet.
So good a place, actually, that I got in for the first panel of the day - Chuck at 10 o'clock. I got my t-shirt and took a few notes, but since I wasn't familiar with the show, I didn't understand the clips or jokes. Then, at 11am, the Terra Nova panel began. It was one of the most highly anticipated events of the conference, and I had a great seat. The panel was only to be one hour, but they started with 54 minutes of the two-hour pilot. It was amazing, though by now I'm sure you've seen it if you cared to. They ran over by allowing a half-dozen or so questions, which didn't really shed much more light on the new show.

the start of the drawing smackdown
The next four panels were all animated, FOX shows. Futurama, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad were all decent panels, though some were better than others. Futurama treated us to a clip from the season finale. It ended with a "drawing smackdown" of Matt Groening and Peter, the guy who normally draws Bender, both drawing Bender. Matt was using his left hand as a bit of a handicap, and still busted out like six sketches in the time it took Peter to draw one. They were given to audience members who were dressed as Futurama characters, which was cool.

I sat next to a Zoidberg look-alike
The Simpsons panel gave us some short clips, shared some guests for the new season, and then took a TON of questions. The best part about it, though, was that Matt Groening gave away a Simpsons toy or collectible to each person who asked a question AND he tried to theme it to the question or to their outfit. I just thought that was really a step above and beyond. Family Guy  talked about some upcoming plots, showed some clips, and took some questions. American Dad gave us a pretty full episode, then took questions.

I got out around 3pm and headed back to the hotel to rest and write for a couple of hours before coming back for the big evening event, the annual Masquerade. It's the formal costume contest. I also said goodbye to Kelly, who was headed to her friend's for the night and then back to Oklahoma. I stopped to get Quizno's on the way to Masquerade, which was great. I had a very difficult time entering the building for it, as only one entrance was open but nobody could give clear instructions. Once inside, however, I found a room to watch pretty easily (I didn't get tickets to the actual event so was watching it simulcast) and enjoyed my dinner as the event went on. It was shorter than I expected, and several comments were made about how there were fewer entries than normal because of how difficult tickets had been to obtain.Afterward, I tried the shuttle, which worked out pretty well but not something I'd rely upon. Anyway, here are some photos.

the announcers
Clone Wars Season 4 Wolfpack Clone Trooper
Mad Hatter

Brak-est Night


Ugly Stepsisters - Drizella & Anastasia

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