Thursday, October 27, 2011

San Diego Comic-Con, Part 3

I promise we're going to get caught up, folks. I'm embarassed to say I'm still talking about July when next week it'll be November! But, almost nothing happened in August or September, so that should be like 1 post, LoL.

Friday I started off by getting in line for the 2012 pre-registration. I was in line by 6:30am and was told that I was 100+ people past the point of "guaranteed registration." That was a bit frustrating, but I decided to stick it out. I made small talk with the guy next to me while texting Kelly (who was in line for Hall H). They scrunched us up and moved us a bit. Eventually they herded us toward the building and gave out our tickets as we entered. We were put into corrals (4 lines per corral) by 7:30am and it was announced that, if we were inside, we would be guaranteed the opportunity to buy tickets for all four days next year. There were three ways to purchase tickets, and those of us in my area (there were only 6 lines or so behind us, and 60+ in front of us) quickly accepted that we'd probably have to get the days individually, but at least we'd get them. Turned out, Saturday morning folks had to be there before 6am to get in, and hundreds camped out overnight by Sunday's sales, so I was glad I hit it on Friday. We sat for two and a half hours before movement even looked possible, but like every line, once it got going, you flew through the rest of the process. I did have to buy the tickets individually for each day, but I was able to do it, and Jonathan is excited to be joining me next year, as I got tickets for him as well.

I then made my way to Exhibition Hall, where thousands of booths display art, comic books, figurines, accessories, apparel, and all sorts of pop culture stuff. TV networks, movie studios, individual shows, all sorts of people had booths. I spent an hour and a half or so exploring before I headed out. 

that's right, a comic about tofu
a giant Batman made of Legos
A look into Exhibition Hall
Two different DeLoreans graced the floor
of course you have to have a photo of a comic book stand!
there was a guy drawing on this car constantly! what a neat idea!
 I got in line for my most-desired panel of the day: Falling Skies in 6BCF. The line was long, but I had over 2 hours to go, so I felt confident. That was, until the workers made it clear that the line for this particular room had never before been this long... they ran out of space at the end. I started chatting with the girl behind me, since it turned out she was also hoping to see the same panel I was. This line was very stop-and-go for twenty minutes or so, and we moved from sun to shade to sun again. We stopped for a while and each brought out our lunches - cereal and an apple! We laughed about our common interests and the other things we were excited about at the Con. We got to the sign that announced there were 2000 people in front of us. We made it to the 1500-person sign. And then, strangely, the line took off! We made it all the way inside to the room and were seated a full panel before the one we wanted, so that was pretty cool.

We sat through a panel for Green Lantern: The Animated Series panel, which was interrupted when Conan O'Brien showed up as a surprise guest. I didn't care too much. It was fun, but not amazing. But, then the panel I longed for came to life...

Falling Skies had tons of cast members there and I had a great time hearing them talk about the show, seeing some upcoming clips, and receiving a ticket that I would later turn in for a zip-up hooded sweatshirt, that has now become one of my favorites. The actors talked about their favorite episodes and we learned about what'll be coming in the second season (next summer).

I made the decision to stay in that room, since a major interest of mine in the evening was the 7pm panel in that same room. So, I saw a thing for Marvel TV: Anime on G4, which was actually pretty interesting. We got a few great clips for stuff that hadn't even premiered yet, but I would have preferred different clips overall. Then, there was a panel on Spartacus: Vengeance, which I didn't even take notes on. Instead, I pulled out my computer and wrote for an hour, getting some stuff up and posted and whatnot. My final panel of the day was Teching out with NCIS: LA, which was, sadly, a letdown. They began with a nice video that included many of the gadgets used on the show. They told some stories about how they come up with the things they use, and what was real. I particularly enjoyed one tale about how Lockheed is a consultant for the show.

I am honestly not 100% sure what I did after that, though I'm fairly positive that I made my way back to the hotel, stopping for Wendy's on the way.

And, I'll end with a few more Costume Pics. 
Ice Climibers! from the NES game!

Cheetara and Snarf from the original ThunderCats

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