Monday, October 31, 2011

August 2011

yeah, I know. It's kinda lame to put the bulk of a month into a single post. But, really, we didn't do too much. I got back from LA, Jonathan went from Florida to Las Vegas (for a conference) and then came home. Then he went back to Denver and I started furiously writing to catch up and create new things.

Jonathan graduated from the program that he was part of at work (the one that is the base for our moving around the past few years) and we had a party at our house for everyone. It was nice to see the twelve or so people in the program again, as I hadn't seen some of them since Denver in 2009. Because graduation was on a Thursday, some of Jonathan's colleagues stayed in the area for the weekend and we went up to San Francisco and did fun things.

We had fabulous Thai one night and delicious German the other. I ordered the Gegbratenes halbes Hunchen in Zwiebelsobe mit Reibekuchen (forgive me for not putting in the special characters). Thank goodness there was an English translation... otherwise I would've struggled! Jonathan went with the Wiener Schnitzel special. Everyone at the table shared two "boots" of Radeberger beer, which was pretty good. We shared pretzels, too. The other notable thing about the restaurant was the paper birds that were positioned throughout both rooms... apparently they re-do them a few times a year! 

taking a turn with the boot
Jonathan's Wiener Schnitzel
my dumpling-stuffed chicken with shallot sauce & potato pancakes

the birds
We also went to some other neat places in the city while we had friends in town, including a speakeasy, a pirate bar, and a trip to the American Grilled Cheese place again.

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