Thursday, August 25, 2011

San Diego Comic-Con, Part 2

Thursday was full of big panels and plenty of celebrities. Bruce Campbell was first, then talent from Covert Affairs, Psych, Game of Thrones, and Ringer. Last in that room was a bunch of "fan favorite" actors, which included a dozen or so stars. We heard a bunch of news and spoilers, saw some footage (both old and new), and received tickets from several panels which we traded later for exclusive swag. Covert Affairs and Psych gave t-shirts, but Ringer gave folding stools and Game of Thrones gave bags, mousepads, t-shirts, AND the first book of the series in paperback!
Bruce Campbell
Live Performance of the Psych theme song
Game of Thrones cast
zoom-in on some of the Game of Thrones cast
George R. R. Martin, the author of the books upon which Game of Thrones is based
 After sitting in Ballroom 20 for the bulk of the day, I moved to another room (only having to wait in line for 20-30 minutes) to see a panel on Comic Books that I enjoyed quite a bit. It focused specifically on X-Men, which is a series I really enjoy.

That panel ran a little long, but since it was that last one in that room for the day, it kind of made sense in a way. I headed to an off-site event that wasn't far away, and proceeded to find a nice patch of grass to sit on to wait. KA, one of the Cirque du Soleil shows, was promoting the show by featuring part of it. It was on an outer wall of Petco Park (where the Padres play), and the idea was that there would be a choreographed fight scene set to music, which takes place in a vertical setting of sorts. I was really excited to see it, but sitting on the grass for 90 minutes wasn't worth the five-minute performance. It wouldn't have been so bad, except the grass that hundreds of us were sitting on hadn't had the sprinklers go off while we were waiting! Not only did I lose my "primo spot," but I was working on my laptop when it happened. I was astounded by how friendly and helpful those around me were, as when I dived over my laptop and started shoving stuff into my bag, two guys blocked the nearest sprinklers to help me out and another returned my camera after I moved and dropped it in the shuffle. No damage done, but it could have been loads worse.
The wall had a countdown after a while, since we thought the show would start around 8, and it didn't until about 9:30.
the battle begins
only two "fighters" were real, the rest were CGI
I made my way back to the hotel after that, and spent a couple hours writing some articles before eating my leftovers, showering, and hitting the hay. 

Let's cap off the day with some more photos of costumed fans, including Snape from Harry Potter, the group of kids on South Park, and a guy promoting Shark Week.
 Shark Week guy
 South Park characters
 some Superheros

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