Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to Denver, Part 2 of 2

I went back to the hotel and hung out in the lobby for a couple of hours until Jonathan arrived.

We didn't do anything too special during the week, as Jonathan worked long hours and I had more than enough to work on. Plus, we saw a lot of the Denver sights two years ago (Part 1   Part 2   Part 3    Part 4). We did have dinner with his colleagues twice, and we spent some time shopping at the stores nearby. It was only a mile to "stuff" so I didn't have a problem walking to get myself some lunch on the days that I didn't have leftovers. I even managed to snag a deal on a pair of running shoes, which I've been needing to replace for a while now. (and time was of the essence since I was about to go to San Diego for a lot of walking, but more on that another day...) Here are a couple images of a gorgeous sunset we saw in the Mile High City.

Thursday night we went to see the new Harry Potter film at midnight, which was a very strange experience. We had pre-purchased our tickets online more than a week before, and when we arrived at the theater we found the parking to be atrocious! We agreed that we had never parked so far away to see a movie before! We got seated in our theater about an hour before the movie began, and there were several people up dancing to "Thriller," which caught us by surprise. I was also weirded out by how many people felt it was okay to wear a graduation gown as a Hogwarts robe, with little or no other accessories. I feel like that shouldn't count.

Friday we requested a late check-out which allowed me to stay in the room until 2pm while Jonathan worked. Then I moved to the lobby for a couple hours, until Jonathan left the office for the day. We had originally intended to meet a friend from high school for happy hour, but he was thrown a project at the last minute and would be delayed for at least half an hour, which was the bulk of the time we had set aside to see him. Oh well, I guess we'll catch Tym next time! (we also didn't have time to connect with any of our other friends in Denver, so don't feel bad, friends!)

We stopped by a Chick-Fil-A on our way to the airport so we could have some poultry deliciousness one last time (we don't have any within 50 miles!) for a while. Then, onward to the airport. As I mentioned last time, Jonathan and I booked our trips separately, so we were on different airlines on flights leaving about an hour apart. I was on Southwest so I checked both our bags (yet another reason Southwest rocks!) and went to wait at my gate (Jonathan was in a different terminal so we parted ways soon after dropping the rental car). We texted back and forth about how ominous the clouds looked, as we worried about our flights being delayed and whatnot. His took off on time, but by the time it was time for me to board, there was lightning within five miles of the airport, which put us on a temporary delay. They went ahead and boarded us, and we took off within 15 minutes of our scheduled departure, through some of the darkest clouds I'd ever seen. By the time I landed Jonathan had staked out a spot across from my gate so we reconnected quickly, grabbed the bags from carousel, and were off toward home!

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