Monday, July 4, 2011

Yosemite National Park, Part I

Jonathan's uncle, Dennis, was out visiting for a couple weeks. We had a lot of different ideas on things to do and places to go, and Yosemite National Park was a priority. [warning, this is an image-heavy post.]

We had originally planned to camp in the Park and spend a few days there, but it was booked up months in advance (Jonathan and I had tried to go there in May but quickly dropped the idea). So, we figured we'd find a place near the park and just go in and out for a few days. That also proved to be pretty difficult, but Dennis sweet-talked us a campsite at a KOA about forty minutes from Yosemite's entrance.

It was a pretty rural drive out to Yosemite, and we made a couple of stops to buy cherries and have some lunch at In-n-Out. We drove straight to the campsite and set up everything, then had a bit of a break before we drove to that Park around 4pm.

There was a one-way bridge to get to Yosemite that had a wait time when the traffic was going the other way.

After talking about several options, we decided to head toward Glacial Point for a sunset around 8pm. It took us a couple of hours to drive up that way (of course we made stops to admire the views and take plenty of photos!), and we had some time to talk and catch up while we waited for the sun to start going down.


Around 7:45pm there was a sunset talk by Ranger Dick, whom none of us really cared for. There were some clouds, so the view wasn't spectacular... and around 8:20 when the sun started to lower out of view, the Ranger pretty much said we could either leave or stay for a star talk later. So, we started heading toward the car. About fifteen minutes later we discovered that the color had come alive over the mountains and that we should have stayed. We pulled over a few more times to snap pictures as we continued down the mountain.

yes, that is SNOW on the ground! It was quite chilly, and they had snow fall less than a week before! in JUNE!
We managed to avoid the line getting out of the Park, but it took us a really long time to get back to the campground. We stopped at Carl's Jr. on the way to grab a (really late) dinner.
the line to get out of Yosemite!

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