Sunday, July 17, 2011

That Pesky Thesis.

First, the bottomline: my Master's Diploma arrived a couple weeks ago. I couldn't have been more thrilled that the long journey that is graduate school has finally ended. Jonathan was equally joyful, as this is now the first time in our entire relationship that at least one of us hasn't been in school!

Now, for some final thoughts that may interest those who've known bits and pieces of my graduate student career...

I either love or loathe telling people about my thesis. I love it when someone is genuinely interested in it or is just impressed with the idea. I loathe it when a particular person doesn't know what Rocky Horror is about, and they ask for more detail. I've gotten a lot of crazy looks, even when I try to be as vague as possible. It's also difficult to explain concisely why it has taken so long to finish (my coursework was finished in 2008).

I've received some really interesting responses. When asked how long the paper is (totaled out at 125 pages in 1.5 spacing), I usually hear "you wrote over 100 pages on just one thing?!?" and "that's probably as much writing as I've ever done combined." I'll explain that there's different chapters, but generally people glaze over, LoL. Heather, my roommate when I started writing, is now working on her PhD (not in theatre), and was genuinely shocked at the length... her dissertation will likely be shorter. In my field, my thesis is a pretty standard length, though on the higher end of average (I've always been verbose!). And, until I was already in the midst of writing, I thought that 40,000 words was a standard across-the-board. I had 2 friends in religion and another in sociology who were quick to correct; religion theses clocked in around 80 pages, sociology dissertation at only 96.

Anyway, there are only a handful of people who know the entire history of my thesis, and it is not my intention to rehash that here. But, for those whom I don't talk to regularly but follow us here, I wanted to let you know that I finished. Defended, revised, and submitted. I'm now a Master. Cheers!

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