Friday, July 1, 2011

Oakland A's

Jonathan called from work one day to ask what we were doing the following night. I was supposed to go to board game group, but I quickly dropped that when he said that he could get tickets to the Oakland Athletics baseball game.

And they weren't just any tickets. They were box seats, which I had never been in before. I was pretty psyched, and greatly looked forward to it. I began researching how we'd get there (with rush hour and not being too familiar with the East Bay, we were a little concerned), and ultimately concluded that driving was going to be the easiest. Had it been a day game, a train might've been easier, but not at night.

Tuesday morning I dropped Jonathan off at work so I could go shopping for some A's accessories. I picked up a hat for him and a shirt for me before taking advantage of having the car to run some other errands. I totally meant to take a photo of us at the game, but it slipped my mind!

We gave ourselves plenty of time and the drive wasn't very bad after all. Parking was also pretty easy (and free on Tuesdays!), and we headed into the stadium with plenty of time. We took our time walking around before heading up to our level. It's a pretty strange stadium in that it took us a while to find stairs to get up higher... turns out that you actually have to go out into the stands and go up that way. We arrived at our box and the door was locked. We walked around a bit, waiting for others to show up, but about ten minutes before first pitch we went to the information booth to get the box opened. Turned out, we were the only ones there through the National Anthem and into the top of the first inning! The next couple people who arrived were friends of ours, and the four of us were alone in the box for another inning or so before anyone else showed up.

We had a great time, the weather was beautiful (we had our windows open the entire time), but we struggled to find food. Carmen and EB walked around for probably twenty minutes before finding food, and we did the same, ultimately choosing some snacks, as we had shared a personal pizza that another friend brought for us on her way to the box.

All in all it was a great experience and we added the A's to the list of pro baseball home teams we've seen, in addition to the Rockies, the Giants, and the Phillies.

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