Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

It ended up being a pretty busy holiday weekend for us. Nothing too exciting on Friday night (though we did try out Rubios, which I'll be reviewing on the food blog), and Saturday we spent the majority of the day working on various projects (and, I played my Sims 3 game for xbox for a while, since we figured out how to adjust the tv so that it's a useful game again).

Saturday night we went to see West Side Story be performed at the Santa Clara High School Performance Art Center. It wasn't put on by the school, though. Rather, the Starting Arts Dream Team, a local after-school-type-activity-group, performed. We were surprised by the young age of the cast members - 11-17 it seemed - but we enjoyed the show overall. It was Jonathan's first time seeing West Side Story, so he was glad to learn the story, since he had heard many of the songs in the show before. We're planning to see a few more local productions over the summer, so stay tuned to hear what!

Sunday we thought about a few different things, but decided to go up to Golden Gate Fields for some horse racing. This is something that we had wanted to do when we lived out in California the first time, but we never got around to it. There are always commercials running for their Sunday special, which includes $1 pricing for parking, admission, programs, sodas, hot dogs, and beer. The drive is a little less than an hour, and let us see some new stuff, since it's in Berkeley and we never drive up the East Bay. It was pretty crowded, but we didn't have long waits anywhere.

The $1 food has a token system, so we bought $5 of tokens, though we only used $3 of them. I ended up wanting a turkey sandwich, so I got that while Jonathan a couple hot dogs and got us a water to share with another token. The turkey was magnificent though, and I'm very happy with my choice. It was carved right from the roast and was incredibly moist. It was just like having Thanksgiving leftovers! The only downside was that it was a plain sandwich - nothing but turkey and bread. I added mustard, but I would've gone for some tomatoes and cheese or something. They did have packets of cranberry sauce available though, which I thought was funny.

We also took $5 and placed some bets. Neither of us won, but it was fun. I think we'll go back at some point. They have races like three or four days a week all year, so it shouldn't be too hard to fir it in at some point.

Monday we originally planned to go back to Great America. The water park part of the place opened on Saturday, and our tickets from our last trip had another day on them that we recently found out was going to expire at the end of May. But it was very overcast when we got up, and the temperature was in the 60s. Not good for a water park day. We considered going anyway, with the intention of riding the regular rides and hoping that the weather would warm up and the clouds would clear, but we ultimately decided against it. Instead, we ended up having Eilbroun, Carmen, Andy, and KJ over for a cookout. We did hotdogs, hamburgers, and kielbasa, plus grilled corn and some macaroni and cheese. Andy & KJ brought a salad and Carmen & EB brought some chicken bites and potato salad. I also threw together some cupcakes (yellow cake, filled with coolwhip, topped with chocolate frosting), which were a big hit. We ate outside (it got sunny but not much warmer), then played Simpsons Scene-It. It was a good time.

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