Monday, May 23, 2011

Catch Up on Recent Events

Since the newest blog (which is now live. will be dedicated to restaurant reviews, I'll most likely be decreasing their exposure over here. Plus, a few of the readers have said that those are the least interesting types of entries anyway.

Jonathan and I had lunch one day at a Chinese buffet near his work, called Sunny Buffet. I thought it was a little pricey for lunch, especially when they're slow at filling up your water to boot. They were pretty prompt about clearing old dishes, though. My biggest gripe would be that their setup was very difficult to maneuver.

We hadn't seen Cody in a while, and met up with him at Sushi Blvd., which is less than ten minutes from our house. There was free edamame, though I don't care for it. The miso was very salty, and neither Jonathan nor myself were big fans. I loved the salad dressing, but I was the only one whose meal included salad, so no comparison there. I had the sashimi dinner, and while the tuna was good, I found the salmon to be gummy. Cody goes there often and just went with a tuna roll this time, which he liked. Jonathan was happy with his salmon-heavy selections, too.

Ariba is a company not far from Jonathan's work. However, they have a pretty nice cafeteria, so workers from several surrounding companies often go there for lunch. When Jonathan's parents were visiting, we all ate there, and I've also been one other time with Jonathan and Jim. It's not horrible, but I think it's a bit pricey for what you get.

I've been driving around more and learning the area a bit. I saw a banner for the Sunnyvale Downtown Wine & Food Stroll, so we bought tickets and made plans to go to that. Check-in was pretty straight-forward... you gave your ticket, they checked your ID, they banded your wrist, and gave you a totebag and souvenir wine glass. In your bag you had (among other things) a card that listed 20 downtown business, each giving one or more pours of wine from Californian wineries. We rarely waited in a line longer than two or three minutes. A half dozen of the restaurants downtown also had out free appetizers, which gave us a chance to try some bites from places we haven't been as well. Honestly, it'd be difficult to talk about the wines we tried at each place, as we didn't take notes, and only took a few business cards. We had some great wine from Kirigin Cellars, and my personal favorite was from Clos du Bois. Many places offered multiple pours, and one even had you taste five different sakes! I can honestly say I have had my fill of wine for a while!  

We celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary a couple weeks ago with much less flair than in previous years. It's been very busy around here and with Jonathan's long hours we haven't had an opportunity for a trip in several months. So, we went for teppanyaki, which I've mentioned before is special to us. Jonathan made us a reservation at a local place in San Jose called House of Genji, and we dined there.

What else is new? We're seeing more movies because it's summer. We're still trying out new churches. We're trying to make friends with other couples in the area. We've been in a pizza mood lately, so that's why there's not a lot of restaurants mentioned. We're close to purchasing some new entertainment and computer equipment. We bought season tickets for Seminole football next year... at some point we'll have to figure out what games we'll go to and which we'll give away and sell. We're planning to go to a Giants baseball game sometime soon. We missed out on hockey, since the season is about to end. I've also picked out some summer theatre for us to see, and we'll have a few visitors, too. So, stay tuned and thanks for sticking with us!

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