Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brooklyn Pizza & RedEye Coffee

When we're in Florida, we tend to eat at places we've missed. In Tallahassee, that means a stop at One Fresh Stir Fry. In Melbourne, that means Thai Thai or Siam Orchid, or both. In general, we like to grab subs from Publix, sandwiches from Chick-fil-a, and after that it's a bit of a wild card. Personally, I also like to get in Zaxby's, but that's contingent on several things, but I did make the time to stop at an exit with one when I was driving back from Tallahassee.

This time around, I went to two new places, both in Tallahassee. The first was RedEye Coffee, which I stopped at on both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. It's on Thomasville, but I really suggest coming from Monroe, cutting over on Fifth, then turning right. The parking lot is a bit of a ways down, and it's pretty crowded. Just a head's up. The hot chocolate was pretty good, and so was the mocha frappe. The prices were pretty reasonable, and I tried both the indoor and outdoor tables.

Brooklyn Pizza is where Heather and I got dinner the first night that I was in town. It's down on Pensacola Street, and I can't speak much to the ambiance, as we got carry-out.We got calzones, which were pretty good. Maybe they were slightly pricey, but we each got two meals out of one, so maybe not. The flavor was good, and I'd get them again.


  1. also, RedEye is owned by my church and is completely non-profit! all proceeds fund humanitarian efforts in tallahassee, guatemala, and africa!

  2. love that! I'll be sure to recommend it :)