Monday, February 7, 2011


We wanted to go miniature golfing for Jonathan's birthday, but the weather didn't agree with the timing on any of our attempts. So, we went the Saturday afternoon after my birthday, and Jim came with us. We pass a certain mini-golf place regularly, and I really wanted to go in December when they had Christmas lights decorating their course. As we pulled in, it was clear that the place was packed... with kids. This was concerning, but it turned out that there were two different courses, so we just chose the less-crowded one. 18 holes, no pars... that was different. And, instead of a generic scoring sheet like at every other mini-golf place I've EVER been to, this place prints it out for you based on the number of tickets you bought... so Jim had a scorecard and we had a scorecard... now we know to all buy together, LoL. We alternated going first, and were definitely somewhat impressed with the course. It wasn't green or cheap carpet. The holes were all goofy-golf style, meaning that there were genuine obstacles, like doors that opened and closed, ramps where angle mattered, and other interesting things.
This was the first hole. You can see the sharp turn, as well as the log that hovers over the actual hole. I ended up getting a '6' on this hole because the log kept knocking my ball away, LoL.
This is about halfway through the course, and you use centrifugal (this might be the wrong word, LoL) force to get the ball all the way around.
Another hole... this time it was kinda like skee-ball, LoL.
Many of the holes were the kind where you did one thing, then the ball came out elsewhere and you kept playing to the actual hole. Here, you get your ball over any of the humps and it comes out one of three holes to the left and down a little hill. 

I thought it was pretty fun. I am excited to go back and play the other course, LoL. And we'll get our tickets online since it's $1 cheaper.

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