Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend 2010

We flew to Florida for Thanksgiving, as many of you may have guessed, since there was a large lull in postings, hehe. It was a six-day trip, and it just flew by.

I was pretty excited when we decided to take the Caltrain and BART to the San Francisco airport. We had a 9:30am or so flight, and the traffic into the city would have been rough, plus it would keep any of our friends from getting to work on-time. Jim dropped us off at the Mountain View train station on his way to work, and the tickets were printing as the train arrived. It was an express, so we made it to Millbrae pretty quickly. We got off and double-checked the rest of our plan before getting on the BART. We went up a stop to San Bruno, then transferred to a train that went to the airport (the options for how to get to the airport change depending on the time of day). We would have taken the AirBART from there, but we were flying Virgin and they fly from the International Terminal, so we were able to skip that step. The flight went quickly enough, and it was pretty good overall.

Thanksgiving was a two-day celebration for us this year, but it worked out pretty well. For the first time in about ten years I didn't start Black Friday shopping before daylight. My brother was taking part in the ritual for the first time on his own (he, my sister, and I have all been together a time or two), and since he started at 10pm the night before, he handled the one big-ticket item on my list. So, Jonathan and I took our time and hit up only seven or eight stores, starting at 8:30am. No, we didn't get everything we wanted, but we still did fine. We did pick up our Walgreens items on Thanksgiving night, but otherwise we had all of our Black Friday shopping done in three hours. We grabbed a bite to eat and began the drive to Sopchoppy.

Since we were going to be in Tallahassee for the Florida-Florida State football game on Saturday, we agreed to go camping with Joe that weekend in Sopchoppy, which is a little under an hour from the stadium. Just four of us went, and we had a good time, all things considered. It rained pretty heavily for a while the first night, but we had plenty of firewood. It was pretty cold both nights (low 40s the first night, mid-to-upper 30s the second), but we made do. We used leftover turkey to make fajitas for dinner the first night, and I hadn't realized that you can cook sausage biscuits over a fire, so breakfasts were also rather interesting. We drove out to Wakulla Springs on Saturday morning and saw eight or ten manatees before Jonathan and I took off for Tallahassee, leaving Joe and Rita to take the boat tour. (Which reminds me... apparently they don't do the glass-bottom boat tours there anymore... the water's been too dark for 19 months now!)

The game was AMAZING. This was the fourth time I've been to the annual game against the Gators, and since we haven't won in six years, winning was absolutely AWESOME. Our seats this year were amazing, and we were able to see some great angles on many of the plays. It was a bit intense when the Gators scored on their opening drive, but the fact that they never even got a field goal after that was kinda cool. The fake punt caught me by surprise (it was early in the game for that!), and I also never expected us to win by such a margin! Everyone stayed until the end, and there were fireworks when we won and everything! Plus, while our game was going on, the Maryland-NCState game was also taking place... and our coach specifically requested that score updates not be given for that game (which determined our ACC division outcome). Very few people in our area were able to get a cellular signal, but I had fortunate enough to have a friend text me whenever something happened. This was especially exciting because I felt like the "cool kid" in our section, since I verbally passed on the updated scores whenever I heard something. In the end, not only did we beat the Gators, but the team is also going to the ACC Championship game tonight in Charlotte against Virginia Tech.
an hour before the game, we went to watch the Chiefs head to the stadium
the excitement when we won the game! and the accompanying fireworks below...
Like I said, our trip went by pretty quickly, and before we knew it, we were on our way back to California. Fortunately, we flew "main cabin select" so we had access to unlimited food, drinks, and movies to keep us busy. That, combined with the extra legroom and priority boarding totally made for a nice return, hehe.

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