Thursday, December 9, 2010

San Jose Museum of Art

There was a corporate night going on at the San Jose Museum of Art, so a few of us went to see Leo Villareal's exhibit and enjoy the rest of the museum and some snacks.

The food was pretty good for snacks and appetizers - our favorite was the grilled cheese and tomato soup! I was actually too full to even try the churros bar, which was the dessert. The only disappointment in this area was the spiced apple cider - which was awful.

It's not a very large museum, and we were able to make it through the entire thing in like an hour (though we weren't being uber-thorough, LoL). Leo Villareal's exhibit was really fascinating, and I'm glad that we had the opportunity to check it out. He works with LEDs and has come up with some pretty interesting stuff. It's hard to explain, and it's a very fleeting art form, so photos don't really do it justice (tho I imagine video might work to a certain extent).

I realize that this post wasn't actually all that informative, but should you have the chance to check out some Villareal artwork, go for it.

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