Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Travel Wishes for California

As we sit here on the precipice of a new stage in our lives, Jonathan and I have been making a lot of lists. Lists of things we want to do. Of websites we want to own/build. Of business ideas we might employ. Of things we want in our future home (not our upcoming home, but further in the future). And, of trips we want to take while we live in California.

For the time we lived in PA, we did a lot of trips along the Eastern Seaboard. This made sense, since flights and fares are less when you live in a certain area. We never accomplished all of the trips we wanted to take, but no biggie. With modern medicine, we have about 60 or 70 more years to do so, LoL. However, we wanted to have a list of trips to take while we lived in California (aka trips in the western part of the country) so we can better space them out and plan them. So, I present you with things that we hope to do in the coming years, and hopefully we'll be able to write about each one.

- Alaska. Specifically by cruiseship.
- Hawaii. Probably by cruiseship as well.
- The Grand Canyon. Complete with a ride to the bottom on horse/donkey/etc.
- The Hoover Dam. Probably during our next Vegas trip.
- Los Angeles/Hollywood.
- Salt Lake City/Park City, Utah. The snowsports out there are supposed to be amazing.
- Yosemite.
- Mount Rushmore. We don't have a heck of a lot of reasons to go to South Dakota, so this one may get streamlined at some point... but for now it sounds exciting.
- Vancouver. I think it sounds like an amazing city, and although last year would have been interesting because of the Olympic aspect, it should prove to be fascinating nonetheless.

anyone have any other suggestions for places to visit out west? We've thoroughly done Seattle. And we've done San Diego. We did the major San Francisco sights when we lived in California last year. We went to Napa. We've been to Tahoe (tho we will surely go again).

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  1. Hi Amy and Johathan,

    We have just returned from four months out west. Absolutely loved Arches, Canyonland, Bryce and Zion, all in Utah.. There is an interesting tour also from Supai, Arizona, to the bottom of the canyon to see Havasu Falls. Do your homework on this one. You can hike, take donkey or helicopter down . Enjoy your travels.

    Ann and Morrie