Monday, October 11, 2010

Pennsylvania Highlights & Favorites

I know. We moved away a month ago and I'm still coming up with things to say about PA. But, as our readership grows I thought it might behoove us all if I pointed out some of the greatest parts about our 14 months in Pennsylvania. So, I've created a list of sorts, with links to the original posts if you're interested.

Our First Phillies Game was only about six weeks after we moved to PA.

Spending a weekend in Amish Country for Labor Day Weekend 2009.

Jonathan's parents and uncle joined us for a trip around the area to see the foliage in October.

We went to New York City to see the Halloween Parade.

We went to the Army-Navy football game.

An amazing Christmas light show we went to just down the street from our apartment.

Atlantic City in the winter and in the summer (day and night).

New Year's Eve in Times Square.

I learned how to curl like they do in the Winter Olympics.

We went snowboarding in Pennsylvania.

We won tickets to a Nets basketball game.

We spent a wonderful weekend on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, seeing lots of the sights.

This wasn't in Pennsylvania, but we took a three-day cruise from Port Canaveral to Nassau have a fun going-away party for our friend, Ebad.

We went to the US Send-Off game for the World Cup.

We spent the 4th of July in the very place the Declaration of Independence was signed - Philadelphia.

Although there are a bunch of theme parks in the PA-NJ area, we managed to spend a day at Hershey Park when Jonathan's company got tickets. We also did ChocolateWorld.

We did a short weekend trip to Delaware & Maryland.

And, of course, all of the times we went to NYC for sights and shows.

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I find it particularly amusing that, of the 18 posts above, 1/3 are dedicated to various sports (and I do mean various. baseball, football, basketball, soccer, curling, AND snowboarding).

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