Monday, October 18, 2010

A Little Cute House on a Little Cute Street

From the first time we saw it, we've called it, "the corn house." Nope, it's not bright yellow. Nope, it doesn't have popcorn walls. Nope, it doesn't even have giant green leaves that you have to peel back to get to the door.

Across street there's a cornfield. We didn't even know that they grew corn in California.

It was the first house we looked at on that the first day of house-hunting. It was also, coincidentally, the one that Jonathan went back to tour and take photos of. It won out because of its space, mainly. It's not near super-near a train station, not just outside a downtown, and, although it's close to an expressway, it's still a little off-the-beaten-path. It's just under 6 miles to Jonathan's office, so 10-15 minutes by car, and he has already looked at ways he can bike it. Our nearest Caltrain stop is now the Lawrence (just a mile away on foot), which is two stops south of our old one in Mountain View. We can still get to San Francisco in an under an hour and a half, so that's good. It does, however, put us into a different "zone" for ticketing, making it $15.50 each, roundtrip. I was about to complain, and then I remembered that after the price-jack in Jersey, our NYC tickets jumped to twice that amount, so I guess we're good, LoL.

So... yeah. I'm posting this to let you know that we've found a place to live. Jonathan has done the paperwork, the movers are lined up, and the lease starts Friday. It may take up to two weeks for the things to get there (and we believe it could take longer, since we've seen it take longer on previous moves with fewer things), but once we have a date, we'll book my flights so I can be there when it's all delivered. I'm really excited to set things up and peruse the area for other things to fit the house. It's definitely going to be a fun project, since it's very different from the house we live in when we're in Florida. So, I leave you with some photos. I plan on writing about Sunnyvale this week as well, but otherwise there may be a lull in posts as things are in transit (plus, I've been swamped with revisions for the past week, and expect them to take another week).
this is the front of the house. I blotted out the house number for privacy, but of course once we're set-up we're send out the address to friends and family.
This was originally the front door. See, the garage was originally a carport, and this was off the carport. Since that area is now enclosed, this door connects the hallway to the "converted garage," which we are planning to use as a workshop/rec-room/not sure what else. The window on the left goes into the living room.
here we are on the other side of that window. You can see the nice hardwood floors. Back in the corner you can see the dining room, and we have this cute open-shelf thing extending the wall which I'm looking forward to filling.
this is the kitchen. Its not the greatest angle, but you get the general idea. That window over the sink looks into the front yard (if you look at the top photo again, it's the window on the far left.

I don't have photos of the bedrooms, and only a dark one of the bathroom. I personally haven't seen any of the laundry room, so there are going to be a few surprises all around. Anyway, I'll post some more after I get out there and after we're settled a bit, but this does give a general idea for you guys.

Oh, and in case anyone wants to visit, we do have three bedrooms, one of which is going to be a dedicated guest room, so c'mon out!


  1. IF it is a little cute house on a little cute street, is there a crucifix on the door?

    Glad you found a place

  2. hehe, glad someone got that reference. There is not, however. Nor is it anything close to being a town on the Eastern Shore. :-P