Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Haunt at Great America

We did manage to make time for a night of fun while I was in California. Similar to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando, California's Great America has a Halloween Haunt. Basically, the park is open late at night (in this case 7pm-midnight), with some rides open. The focus of the event, however, are haunted houses (called mazes at Great America), scarezones (where they have people stationed to try and creep you out), and shows. The shows tend to be all over the place, and generally change from year to year. In Orlando, everything has a general theme that changes each year. In California, there are a bunch of themes, one for each attraction, really. And it seems that they don't necessarily change too much each year, as Jim and Viv went there two years ago and said that at least two of the mazes were very similar to last time.

We did six of the seven mazes (the final one required doing the log flume ride, and it was only 65 or so out, so we weren't feeling getting wet). We did the best one first, but most of them were pretty well done. Now, I should mention that we went on October 1st, which was opening night for the season. So, not all of the kinks were worked out for spacing and timing and stuff like that, which might have had a big effect. CarnEvil was the best, mostly because it makes for a good maze theme. Toy Factory was another fun one, and it seemed pretty long. Club Blood was kinda boring. Slaughterhouse was kinda gross. Werewolf Canyon could've been better. CornSTALKERS was neat, but the set-up was strange.

We walked through all four of the scarezones. In two of them, the creatures got extremely close to you (much closer than they would in Orlando). The other two were kinda sparse, but Jonathan proposed that perhaps the park re-positioned some of the creatures to the more populated areas of the park. The themes were only slightly apparent.

There are four shows. One is a percussion show, and we tried to see it over and over, but since it moves throughout the park and has no set performance times or places, we were never able to catch it. Another is a hypnosis show, which we skipped. Another is a "freak show" which we skipped since everybody's been to a carnival or flipped through Ripley's Believe it or Not, LoL. We did see the musical show, called FANGS. It's about vampires, and it's REALLY bad. Skip it if you're considering it. It was absolutely ridiculous, ran 6 minutes over (and it's only 30 minutes to begin with), and poorly written. They even used "monologue" where they should have used "soliloquy."

We only did a few rides, and various selections of us skipped out on all but Deck Flight, the inverted roller coaster. Jim was the only one who went on everything, LoL. Jonathan and Jim had the entire Viking Ship to themselves, so they sat at opposite ends, which was pretty cool. Jim & Viv walked right on to the Grizzly, as there was no line at all! They got front row (we skipped it because we don't like the shakiness of wooden coasters), so it was probably an interesting ride at night.

I didn't take many photos, but there were some nice decorations throughout the park (unlike Orlando, the regular season is closed, so they don't have to decorate every night). One particularly crazy installment was a lifelike dummy in an electric chair which goes off every five minutes or so.

Overall, if you get a good deal, it's worth going to. We only paid $25 each because we had a coupon (retail is $40 each). We were able to do everything we wanted to, and we got there late AND left early. Of course, it helped that we had been to Great America before. (to read about that adventure, here's links: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4)

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