Monday, September 6, 2010

The Franklin Institute

The very last field trip for camp this summer. There were three different trips, depending on age (there were originally FOUR!). I went with the fourth and fifth grade to The Franklin Institute. I was fortunate in that I was assigned a supervisory role this trip, so I wasn't directly responsible for any specific campers, meaning I could peruse the museum at my leisure, more or less. This was fortunate, since I'm sure I would have had a difficult time getting some kids to marvel at the true-to-life train engine for as long as I did, LoL.

The exhibits were geared toward kids, with many hands-on activities designed to give children a better understanding of different things. However, probably 1/3 of them didn't work, and when many of those were in the first few rooms, it kinda gives off a bad impression. On the plus side, however, several of the rooms were sponsored by Lockheed Martin, which amused me.

Many of the kids enjoyed the giant heart, which you could walk through from one cavity to another. It could, however, have used more information inside. The Sports Challenge was neat, and if there were less people around, I think I would have had a great time playing with all of the stuff. Electricity was okay. The Amazing Machine was pretty fascinating, especially since they had some really old things on display. It was also very empty (I was the only person in there for the time it took me to see the first half of the room), probably because of its location. My very favorite was Sir Isaac's Loft, which included Newton's Dream. I stared at that thing for probably 5 minutes, studying each and every potential path and what needed to take place in order for a ball to take that route, etc. If they had a build-it-yourself kit, I might consider getting it someday. I think it'd be neat to build one (and then modify it to do cool things, LoL).

Sidenote: Sixth grade went to a teen club, so nothing exciting there. BUT, K-3 went to a gigantic playground I wanted to mention. Kid's Castle is in Doylestown, PA. It's thirty-five feet high, and was built in twelve days in 1997. It's the result of a contest-turned-community-effort, much like Kid's Crossing in Fort Pierce, FL

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