Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Apartment: PA Edition

Yeah, I know. I didn't post about our California apartment until we moved, and I'm doing the same thing this time. I promise I'll do better next time, LoL. In our PA complex there are quite a few buildings and about five different floorplans. We had a 1/1 second floor walk-up. It's quite a change from being on the third floor (as we were in California), and I frequently wanted to go up another flight in the beginning, hehe. The no-elevator option isn't the best when we get lots of groceries, tho.

It was also a big change from the 2/2, as the desk ended up in the living room, and the beanbag ended up in the dining room corner, then next to the bed (where it became unusable). We had our own washer and dryer (they're the small, stacked kind), plus a pantry, so there was a lot more "practical" storage space than in our CA apartment. We also had quite a few more kitchen cabinets and newer appliances (stove, microwave, fridge). The oven even knew how long it takes to preheat to different temperatures, and counts down for you after you set the desired temperature!
When you enter the apartment, you're in the living room. To your left is the television, to the left of that is the desk and then the window. To your right is the hall closet. As you walk straight ahead, you pass the couch and an end table, and you can take a right into the kitchen. If you go back and sit on the couch, you're facing the fireplace. To the right of the fireplace is another window, and there's an end table in front of that. Next to the end table (and facing the tv) is the loveseat. In front of the loveseat is the coffee table, and behind it is the dining area. Along the same wall as the fireplace you'll find the balcony, accessible from the dining room (and a window looks out on it from the bedroom). On the far end of the balcony we have a storage closet, which is nice because we can keep the cooler, bike, and tent there (and the ugly fake plant that came with the apartment!). From the dining room, there's a door to the bathroom (toward the kitchen side) and a door to the bedroom (opposite the front door). The bedroom and bathroom also connect with their own door. In the bedroom we have a good-sized walk-in closet. (please note that we did not pick out a green living couches! it just came that way).

The photos make it look bare since this was after the movers came to take things away... the only things pictured are items that came with the apartment, things we hadn't thrown away with, and things that we were taking in the car.

The leasing center was not as large as the CA one, but they did have free Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate whenever they're open. There was still a large pool, but no hot tub this time. The fitness center is pretty basic (two ellipticals, two treadmills, a bike, and a few Bowflex-type weight machines), hence how we joined LA Fitness.

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