Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dover & Ocean City

Soon after we moved to Pennsylvania, Jonathan had an idea that we could try to visit one nearby state each month. We figured that we could see the major sights of New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut, and Massachusetts this way, plus maybe a few others. Well, as you may have read, we've done a lot of Jersey and a lot of New York, but not much else. So, we took a weekend and hit both Delaware AND Maryland.

We left just before 6pm on Friday night, and stopped through the Philadelphia Airport to exchange a car on our way south. We drove to Dover and checked in to Comfort Inn near the State capitol. The room was very big, and the pillows were very soft. Otherwise there was nothing outstanding about the hotel, although it did offer a complimentary breakfast the next day, so we had some bagels to start off our day.

Just a few minutes after we checked in, we went to eat at Where Pigs Fly, a barbecue place that had great reviews. We found them to be pretty good. The free bread wasn't anything special, but it was hot and fresh, which was nice. I had the pulled pork sandwich with Memphis fries, and Jonathan went with the triple platter (pulled pork, ribs, chicken with fries and baked beans. The pulled pork was pretty good, but I wasn't the biggest fan of their barbecue sauce (it was kinda Tennessee-style, if you're familiar with that). The ribs were unbelievable, falling right off the bone! I didn't try the chicken, but Jonathan said that it was really juicy, which is sometimes hard to do with barbecue. The fries were AMAZING. We both really enjoyed them, and I asked the waitress about them. They're not even a secret recipe - they're out of a package, LoL!! The beans were beans.

We drove by the capitol [apparently it's only capitalized when you're talking about the one in Washington, DC - I (re)learned that] at night, and were kinda surprised with the smaller size. However, when we realized that it IS the very first capitol building, it kinda makes more sense.

The first thing we did in the morning (after having breakfast and checking out) was drive back to the capitol, and this time we took some photos. The Visitors' Center was currently under construction so we didn't get to stop and learn anything extra. However, I did read about a neat little thing to see over at the corner of State & North... a quill and a copy of the Constitution. So we drove over to that intersection, only to find the grass and weeds overgrown, practically covering the whole thing! I plan to write a letter about this.After that, it was on to Ocean City, Maryland. We hit some pretty heavy traffic on our way there (which is to be expected, really, given the fact that it's summer and Ocean City is a very narrow area), but made it to stop for a noon lunch. And, since Maryland is known for seafood (especially crabs!), we stopped at Higgins Crab House, a family-owned place. There are actually two of them in Ocean City, and we stopped at the northern one. Since I don't like crab (I was actually hankering for a fried shrimp and clams combo of some sort), I ordered the grilled tuna sandwich, since it was the fish of the day. I was actually very impressed with how delicious it was, as grilled tuna isn't always the greatest (of course, we both prefer ours scarcely seared, LoL). The fries were pretty good there, too, but they were just so plentiful that neither of us finished them. Jonathan went with the crabcake sandwich and a cup of crab soup. He enjoyed both of them, noting that the soup was really different - it almost looked like pulled crab, if that makes sense? The tartar sauce which came with both meals seemed to be a house recipe of sorts, but was nothing special (though it did serve the entrees well).

Then it was on to the beach. We ended up parking at the convention center (which is free, by the way) and walking. This put us at around 40th street. We walked the beach until around 26th street, then cut up to the boardwalk and walked another ten or fifteen blocks before we stopped for something to drink. We didn't make it all the way down to the end (where all of the rides and tons of food vendors are), but we had seen some of those sights earlier while we were driving around looking for parking.

We picked up a couple of towels that say Ocean City, MD, so that was neat. Then we headed back home, making the entire trip about 27 fun-filled hours.

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