Friday, August 27, 2010

Dawn & Kyle Get Married!

So, I've mentioned now a few times that I've made some great friends from working at summer camp. One of them (and she's actually responsible for me working at the specific camp I started at) is Dawn. And we were fresh out of our first summer together at camp when she met Kyle, which was now five years ago. I was very excited when I worked it out so that I could be there for their wedding.

I flew down to Orlando on a Friday night, and hit one snag after another. Delayed flight, semi-lost ride home (let's call it a Joeventure...), car not starting, rain on the drive, tar on my pants... the list just went on and on. I even had the slowest employees in the store when I went to buy a gift for Dawn & Kyle... from start to finish it took nearly an HOUR between finding clean and non-chipped dishes (that part was only about 5 minutes), waiting in line, having them gift-wrapped, and going through check-out.

But I had a great time and was really busy the whole time I was there. Dawn, Megan, and I all set-up some of the stuff at the reception site the night before. It was really interesting to me, since I hadn't been back to camp (where the reception was held) since a visit in July 2007. A lot has changed, and I'm really glad that the kids have some new stuff to play with.The morning of the wedding, Megan and I did some plotting on how we'd decorate the truck. However, rain foiled our plans twice, and we ended up just filling the cab with balloons, since the vehicle was soaked forever (it never stopped raining from the time Dawn & Kyle arrived at the reception until well after it was over). It worked out, and if anyone else I know ever uses green & yellow as their colors, I've got plenty of decorating ammo, haha.

I won't run-down the entire day, but I did want to share some photos, particularly for some friends who weren't able to be there due to one reason or another.
For a quick descriptor, the mason jars on the table were all personalized and served as namecards, cups, AND favors! And they had one layer of regular cake, while the rest were cupcakes in several different designs, all fitting with the green-and-yellow (and black for contrast) color scheme.

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