Thursday, August 5, 2010

Curtis Bowling Lanes & Banchoff Park

Another trip. This one was ridiculously close to camp... we could have walked there, LoL.

The kids and other counselors were referring to Curtis Bowling Lanes like it was really old and run-down. I thought it had a pretty modern set-up (although I haven't bowled in NJ in almost twenty years, so maybe they have really cool things arounf that I just don't know about?). In fact, instead of all of the lanes being against the long wall of the building, they were actually split, 20 to the left when you walk in, and another 20 to the right. The counter for shoe rentals and such was an island in the middle, and there were a couple of big screen televisions in the middle, too. We took up one entire side of the alley, and most lanes had 4-5 kids on them, although a few had less/more. I bowled in a center lane with 4 other counselors (I'll lump us all under that term for simplicity). I bowled an 82 and an 86 (everyone had time for 2 games), which is about average for me. (oh, I guess I should mention that bowling is another sport I never got good at. despite the fact that the summer after my second year of college Jonathan and I went bowling two or three times a week... all summer) I might have done a little better if I had a different ball... we relinquished the light balls to the kids, and I bowl best with an 8- or 9-pound ball, and I had to take a 10. The kids had a pretty good time, but it would have been much better if there were bumpers available.

After bowling, we went to Banchoff Park for a picnic lunch. We also met up with the other group, who had taken a trip to the planetarium. It's an OK park... nothing grand. Pretty big, but not too terribly much to do. The playground is average and there are a lot of hiking trails and some open fields for football and stuff. We stayed about an hour after the campers finished eating lunch, then headed back to camp.

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