Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to NY: New Route, Declaration, Grand Central, The Met

I've mentioned before that the prices for NJTransit have gone up. So, this time, we decided to drive to Newark, park, and take the train the rest of the way. This worked out pretty well, and will most likely be our plan next time (will we have a next time??) we go into NYC. We were able to park for up to 24 hours for only $25, and from that stop the train fare was only $10 roundtrip, each. Not bad, especially when you add in that we didn't need to take the subway at all this trip, either.

We had a few goals in mind for this trip, and the first one was going to see Grand Central Station. So, we headed over there (our friend, Rob, accompanied us on this trip), but we got a tad distracted on the way. Rob had never been inside of the giant New York Public Library, so we popped in and had a look around. Jonathan and I saw a few new areas (the place is huge), and we randomly came across a special exhibit on the Declaration of Independence. They had about ten copies of it from various printings, including two newspaper clippings. It was really something special to happen upon by chance. Then, it was on to Grand Central Station. We didn't have anything particular to see, but the outside was pretty cool, and we were amused for a couple of minutes while we looked around the inside of the giant place, too.
We just had street food for lunch, as 6th avenue was closed down to accommodate the giant event (again). As we walked along, we strolled through Central Park, and it was nice to see the fountain flowing (last time it was winter so it wasn't turned on).

Then, it was on to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I'm glad that we were able to go there, since it's been on my list since our third trip to NYC. We were able to spend several hours there before we needed to move on, so we saw most of the exhibits. We had to rush Egypt, but otherwise we got in everything we wanted to see. And had a lot of fun!

Strasse auf Helgoland II by Arthur Segal
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