Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trenton Thunder Game

We went to the Trenton Thunder baseball game on July 3rd as part of our friend Bryan's birthday. He and Emily go to the games every now and then, but it was our first time.

The Thunder is the AA version of the Yankees, and they have two mascots, an ugly bird named Boomer and a lighting bolt named Strike. But what's really cool is that they have a "bat dog" who collects bats and balls. He's a golden retriever.
That night they were playing the AA version of the Washington Nationals. The game was pretty standard, but it was kinda interesting since we learned a little bit about the fancy way to keep score (like what each person hit, ran, etc.) from Bryan & Emily.
We had dinner there, and can report fabulous things about the cheesesteak (but strange provolone-cheez-whiz) and the breaded chicken sandwich (not Chick-Fil-A quality, but good). We also tried the Stewart's root beer on tap (tasty!) and some Chickie & Pete's crab fries (not made of crab. regular fries with Old Bay seasoning).

After the game they had a nice fireworks show, and I got a couple good shots found below.

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