Saturday, July 3, 2010


So the camp where I'm working takes a field trip once a week, so expect to get 7-8 posts about the random places we go. The first one was FunPlex in Mount Laurel, NJ. From what I heard from repeat counselors and staff members, it was a place that had go-karts and a bowling alley and an arcade. It ended up being much more than that!

Now, for starters, let's remember that I was a chaperone. This means I couldn't just do whatever I wanted, so I can only report from the overview point, primarily. But still. This place is pretty much a dream for a kid. There's an indoor building, and that included two bumper cars, an electric go-kart track, an arcade, a bowling alley, laser tag, a motion simulator, and this big thing called Foam Frenzy. The latter consisted of a big room that is two levels, but the middle is open, atrium-style. There are probably a thousand foam balls (probably a little smaller than tennis balls) in there, and they can be shot out of cannons, guns, and a variety of other machines. There are also some collectors to get balls from, a tunnel to hide in, and some air holes if you want to play with levitating balls. The kids really get a kick out of the place, and that was good since it and the bumper cars were included in our "package."

Then there was the outdoor section. There was a small waterpark with a few slides and other things. Then there were a couple carnival rides, like tilt-a-whirl & a free-fall. Plus some kiddie go-karts, outdoor adult go-karts, bumper boats, and two mini-golf courses. I didn't try any of these things, but a bunch of the counselors (probably close to 20 of them) did the outdoor go-karts. It was fun to watch, but buying tickets a la carte was a bit much. I would have preferred to get a wristband for $20 that lets you do unlimited everything (except bowling & the waterpark stuff), and I totally think that the options are worth that price.

We also all got $5 worth of tokens. That was pretty cool, and allowed everyone to do what they wanted, since the choices were many. A lot of kids spent some on skeeball. I personally used mine on DDR Supernova and Guitar Hero, which were pretty fun. I wasn't thrilled with the selection of songs on this DDR (Dance Dace Revolution), but that's life. Air Hockey was another favorite, and a lot of the kids stayed with the redemption games only, so they could earn tickets to buy stuff. A few of them had great prizes when we left, including a lava lamp and a 4-foot stuffed Phillies bat.

The only negative thing I have to say about the amenities at FunPlex is that the pizza wasn't very good. So, either get something else (I don't really know what else was offered), or eat before you go.

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