Friday, July 16, 2010

FreedomFest in Allentown, NJ

So this one kinda caught me by surprise. It was our second camp field trip, and all I had heard for the longest time was that "FreedomFest is a big carnival thing." Later, someone added "it's in Allentown." Eventually I decide to look it up online and learn that it's the State Ag Fair in New Jersey. I then paused, since I didn't realize there WAS an Allentown in New Jersey, LoL.

I was kinda excited going into it, since I like fairs a great deal. I was also kinda nervous, since I had three little boys (read: 6-7 years old) to watch that day, and was afraid there wouldn't be enough young-kid rides to keep them occupied. However, there certainly were. There were a handful of things that they were too short for, but they could get on about half of them, I'd say.

We started with the Ferris Wheel, and got the short end of the stick. Meaning, we were second-to-last car to board, but first car off. They didn't notice tho, and since I didn't pay real money/tickets, I didn't really care. We did bumper cars next, and they enjoyed them a lot. I should also mention that many counselors rode while the children drove, but I had a kid too small to drive so I drove for our car... meaning we managed to bump everybody else while many cars were stuck and only bumping the same car or two over and over. Then, it was on to tilt-a-whirl, which was really fast... I think because the weight was on one side (ahem, me) so we spun a lot more than balanced cars. I actually got slightly dizzy, and was a little worried for a minute there.

After that, we split from the rest of the first-grade group. My three seemed to be a bit more adventurous than some of the others, and were pulling on me to let them go on bigger things than the teacups, LoL. I let them do the swings (I held their bags), then we hopped on the tornado (two realms of spinning while you get raised in the air), where all four of us rode together again. I almost got nauseous, LoL. Then we had lunch, followed by the giant slide, the fun house, and a firetruck that kinda just went in a loop. They thought they wanted to do the gravitron/spaceship3000, but then two of them chickened out (one after he was inside and they were just about to close the doors), so just one rode.

They were really interested in the gimmick show that was next, which was a guy who blows up a gigantic balloon (with a leaf blower) and then climbs inside. It was pretty different, and kinda creepy.
They did the funhouse again, the little bumper cars (so they could each drive), and then it was time for carnival games. I tried to persuade them not to spend their money on that stuff, but two of them insisted on paying $5 each to throw the ping-pong ball into the bowl and win a fish. At least they both succeeded before they were out of balls. Unfortunately, it was in the upper 90s that day, and one of them had a floating fish by the time he was picked up from camp that afternoon... not sure how his parents handled that one.

In the end, it was an interesting time. Not as cool as the county fairs we went to ten years ago, but since this was an agricultural focus, that may be why. We never made our way over to the petting zoo or the animal/vegetable exhibits. I took way more pictures than this, but they have the kids in them, so can't post them.

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