Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Camp Strikes Again!

So there's been a lack of posts lately. Simply put, it's just been insanely busy here. While Jonathan was in Washington, DC for a week, we finalized extending our stay in PA an extra two months. I went ahead and applied for a couple summer camp jobs in the area that were still open, and found out Saturday afternoon that I started on Monday morning. So, for the past four days I've been working full-time at a day camp. This will continue until Labor Day, maybe a week earlier.

It's about 15 minutes away (coming home. on the way there I hit traffic going into Jersey, LoL), and is in its third or fourth year of running this specific set-up. I'm the Drama Specialist, so the groups come to me for drama class, and I teach ages 5-12, broken down by grade and gender. It's difficult to say too much at this point, since I'm kinda picking it up as I go (obviously, since I didn't know the campus or anything else until after I started, LoL). So far, though, it's been pretty good. It's different working at a day camp (as opposed to residential), and it's different having boys and girls (instead of all girls), but there are a lot of similarities to the camp I worked at before (I'll expound on that another day for those without the background knowledge of those couple years).

Oh, and I also picked up a dramaturgy gig for a theater that I put in a resume for back in January or so. That also happened last week and this coming weekend I meet the staff there. I'll be working and researching for this at night and on the weekends, but I'm beyond excited that I'm getting this opportunity. If you talked to me on the phone last week, I was beyond excited pretty much every day (my sister will vouch for that... I think I scared her with my ecstasy at one point, LoL). This week, I've been exhausted. I think after another week I'll be good to go, though.

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