Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Delicatessen & The Free Library of Philadelphia

So instead of working from home on Sunday afternoon (which is our normal routine if we’re not doing other things), Jonathan had the great idea to go see one of the big Philadelphia libraries. So, we looked up a place to get some food nearby and then the plan was to spend the afternoon at The Free Library of Philadelphia.

With a combination of my not reading the GPS correctly and a detour causing a road to only go one way, we had a bit of trouble getting to the Delicatessen. In fact, we ended up in Jersey since that one road had no exits before hitting the bridge, LoL. Oh well, live and learn. $4 later (NJ is so quirky. It makes me giggle about how they charge you to leave all the time) we found the place and picked up our order (we had called it in).

I had Mom Mom’s Tuna Fish Salad Melt with potato salad, and Jonathan had smoked pastrami with waffle fries. The potato salad was made with red potatoes, but it was really sweet. As in, I think they added sugar, LoL. I didn’t really care for it, but Jonathan liked it. The tuna salad sandwich was on Challah and served open-face. The muenster and tomato were a great addition, and the tuna weighed down the bread quite a bit. A delicious combination that left me full without finishing the first half, LoL. Jonathan’s sandwich was *very* smoky, but he liked it. He had added cheese to it, and they certainly gave him his money’s worth – he got four slices! The waffle fries were a little soggy by the time we ate, but still delicious. We can only imagine how good they would have been fresh!!The only downside to the meal: the pickles were salty.

We found parking a few blocks from the library so we walked on over and explored a bit. It’s been there since 1927, and there’s a lot of really beautiful architecture throughout. The strange thing, to me, is that the style isn’t exactly uniform. There were Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and even some Gothic elements. Actually, there were probably more, but I stopped pointing them out to Jonathan after that. The rooms are arranged in a makes-sense-but-not-how-you’d-expect way, and it took us quite a while to find a place to set up shop. Eventually I had to ask someone where he’d recommend we work with laptops, since we weren’t finding much. Turns out, there isn’t a whole lot of research space in this library, which is odd when you look at some of the older photographs that they have displayed around the building. Plus, after we found an area and pulled out our laptops, it became apparent that the wi-fi was only for those with Philadelphia County library cards… which isn’t us since we’re in Bucks county. So, we worked a bit on non-internet things, but ultimately left much sooner than we had planned in order to be more efficient. Neat place to spend 45 minutes or so walking around, tho!

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