Thursday, May 27, 2010

Other Florida Stuff this Trip

We were back at the house in Melbourne around 11am, after a pretty uneventful debarkation from the ship. We had to wait about 15 minutes for the shuttle back to the Radisson, but that was apparently very fortunate. We were unable to contact them by phone, but found out that it was the first shuttle in the last 90 minutes, and the driver was rather harried as he had no idea where the other drivers and shuttles were that morning.

We hung out for a little bit, then Jonathan's parents came and I went with them to take Jonathan to the airport. We stopped at Texas de Brazil on the way there (planned), and had a late Mother's Day lunch. As always, the place was delicious, although eating earlier in the day (4pm) was a little different, and I don't think we had as much. Nothing specific to report about (the smorgasboard of veggies, cheeses, meats, and more is a bit much to remember!), but it was the first time I had tried the parmesan chicken drummette, which I found to be delicious!

On Monday I drove across the state to visit with my friend Amy from camp, her husband, and their three-week-old daughter. We had a nice afternoon of catching up a bit, and I got to hold and feed little Elizabeth. We all went out to Applebee's for dinner (the unofficial Girl Scouts restaurant, LoL), which was nice since I don't go there often. I had originally wanted to get in a side visit with some other friends while I was over there, but by the time I had nailed down my plans, it was kinda late in the game. Plus, because of a glitch, I lost the contacts in my phone on Sunday morning (pretty much as soon as we got off the ship, LoL), so I struggled enough to get the main numbers I'd need until I could remedy the situation (which has happened and I have everything again).

Tuesday was an Amy-and-Tori Day, really. It started with lunch in St. Lucie West with my sister at the West End Grill. None of us had been there before, but we'd totally recommend this little place. Their lunch specials are very reasonable, plus they have cards for buying 5 lunches and getting 1 free! I had the caribbean chicken salad wrap (it was the special of the day), which was fabulous. The flavor was great, although I couldn't quite place the sauce. Kyla went with a chicken caesar wrap, and Tori went with the turkey club sandwich. It's of interest to note that none of the sandwiches had cheese on them, which was interesting. They both found their entrees to be tasty as well. They had the fries as a side (they came with Tori's, Kyla had to pay extra for some reason), and I chose the chips. The chips are homemade and perfectly handcrafted... GET THEM! :)

After that, Tori and I spent the afternoon shopping (unproductively, might I add), then we went to look at the state of her house. It's really getting close to being lived in now, and I'm very excited for her. Her new easy chair is especially comfortable. We then headed to Vero to have dinner with BK at Olive Garden (the long-standing restaurant where the three of us often dine), where I went with the current special, the chicken cheese crespelle, or something similar to that. It was average in taste, and below average in value. After that it was a quick trip to Abbott's for custard, then back to BK's house for a game of Phase 10.

Wednesday was uneventful, mainly because I was coming down with something and was trying desperately to feel better before my evening flight (didn't work, which made for a miserable flight, but three days later I was fine).

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