Sunday, May 9, 2010

Niagara Falls: Part III

We had more planned for Sunday than we actually ended up doing. Of course, we should have seen that coming. We got up and walked over to a local dollar store so I could pick up a few things (postcards and a gift for my sister, mainly).

Then, we got to ride the inclined train. This was one of two included modes of transportation on our trip passes. The other one was the PeopleMover, which was a bus we took later in the day. The inclined train is really a giant waste... stairs would have worked. It seats five rows of eight and it brings you up and down the hill where the Table Rock Welcome Center is. Saves the walk, but nothing special. There is a nice view. It looks much cooler than it is. Still, here are a few photos.Our first real attraction of the day was Niagara's Fury. More ponchos (we didn't keep these ones). You go inside a big room that has grates on the floor and poles to hold. A movie plays, and you learn about the formation of the falls, and particularly of the whirlpool. It's animated, so kids probably had a good time. The ground shook and tons of water comes down on you (we didn't see this coming!). You also get blasted with soap at one point to simulate the ice age, which I didn't appreciate. Overall, it was extremely interesting to learn about, but I could have done without the water on this one.

We took the PeopleMover up to the White Water Walk. This attraction was the least crowded of any we went to. You go down an elevator and then you are in a tunnel. When you come out, there's a walkway along the side of the gorge. You can go along about a quarter mile, looking out on the class 6 rapids. It was pretty cool. There were also several plaques, and we read about those who went over in barrels, tight-roped across, tried to swim it, and other feats.
at the end of the path, there is a wall of rocks that is covered in gum. I thought it was really weird.

We picked up a few more souvenirs at this point (maple syrup and ice wine truffles) and headed back across the border. Our plan was to go into the State Park on the New York side and see the view. We also considered doing the Cave of the Winds. However, it was $8 to park and there wasn't all that much to see. Plus, it was already 2 o'clock, we hadn't eaten lunch, and it was going to be a seven-hour drive back. So, we drove around the outskirts of the park and decided to save Cave of the Winds for another trip. (For anyone interested, we also saved the Daredevil Museum, the Whirlpool Spanish AeroCar, the Butterfly Conservatory, and the Floral Clock for another trip, LoL.)

On the drive home we made two stops (other than gas). The first was lucky. On the way up, we had seen a billboard for Kutter's Cheese Factory, but forgot about it. Amazingly, at the exit we got off on to eat lunch, there it was! So, we stopped and picked up three varieties of rather cheap cheese (we haven't tried any yet, but they sounds great!).We stopped for lunch at Indian Falls Log Cabin Restaurant. If you happen to be near Corfu, NY, stop there. The view from the patio is nice, overlooking the Indian Falls. The food was overly reasonable. The service could have been a bit quicker, but the deliciousness of the food made up for it. I went with the cabin sandwich, which was chicken and ham with swiss. Jonathan chose the steak sandwich. The fries were absolutely delicious... the kind with light skin on them, but cooked so the skin almost tastes like breading. We also split an order of pepperoni rolls, which were served similarly to eggrolls, but tasted like pizza... wonderful.

Here is the view from our table, as we prepared to head out and drive home.

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