Friday, May 7, 2010

Niagara Falls: Part II

After heading back to our hotel for a quick change of clothing (we knew we'd get wet on our next stop!), we headed over to Maid of the Mists. We had a short wait before we were on the boat and heading into the mists of the Horseshoe Falls. It was very exciting, and certainly the attraction we'd recommend most highly. If you have been to Niagara and not done it, you really should. And, this time we had blue ponchos!
ready to go!
looking at the American Fallswater over the rocks. The red pathways are part of Cave of the Winds, an attraction on the NY side.
Bridal Veil Falls
me with the American
Jonathan with the American
another Maid of the Mists boat (they run from both the American side and the Canadian side)
this was as close as we got before I shielded my camera from the waves of mist

Then, back to the hotel to take off wet things (on the plus side, we really came to love our "new" water shoes, they were awesome!! and I say "new" because we bought them on clearance a year ago but they've been in the boxes, haha) and have a nap.

We walked across the street to the Casino and walked around. We had some more great views of the Falls, and signed up for players' cards. No bonus here, tho, so no playing, LoL. However, the tables were really pricey... we rarely saw a table minimum of less than $50, and we've also never seen a casino so full (it's not the only one in the area, either!).

We decided to have the Grand Buffet for dinner. It was a tad overpriced, but we could understand why it would be worth it to some. My favorite was the build-your-own-pasta bar, as the concoction the guy made for me was fabulous. Jonathan thought the lamb was good, and we both enjoyed the noodles. The dessert was rather disappointing, aside from the tiramisu (made as a mousse of sorts) and the cookies (chocolate and caramel chips in one cookie!).

Since it was after 9pm by then, we walked over and saw the Falls by night, since they're illuminated in colored lights for several hours. That was very beautiful, and quite romantic (staring at the falls in general is!). I guess we can understand how Niagara Falls is the honeymoon capital of the world! Speaking of which, anybody know of a couple who recently honeymooned there? I'm just curious. I know my grandparents honeymooned there, but otherwise I can't think of anybody.The American FallsThe Horseshoe Falls. Both were amazingly difficult to photograph so I bought a couple postcards.

We decided to go to the touristy area (Clifton Hill) and see what was going on. The place was hopping, and was still going strong after 11pm when we moved on. It was kinda like I-Drive in Orlando or Old Town in Kissimmee, if you're familiar with either of those. Bowling alleys, miniature golf courses (even two next door to one another), indoor mazes, chocolate shops, and all sorts of other gimmicky places (Ripley's AND Guinness Book, for instance). The indoor glow-in-the-dark miniature golf was the only one we really thought about doing, but decided to pass in the end.

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