Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Niagara Falls: Part I

We thought about going to Niagara Falls for Valentine's Day weekend this year. However, we found out that Niagara Falls is one of those "seasonal" places. Silly Floridians, we don't think of these things. :-p

So, we went the first weekend in May. Early in the "season" but everything was open. It was supposed to be a 7-hour drive each way (exactly. isn't that weird??), and we ended up taking about 10 minutes longer (gas, customs, changing places driving) than that. We stayed on the Canadian side, at the Holiday Inn by the Falls, which worked out pretty well. It was competitively priced, and a short walk to the Falls, which was nice. They had a heated pool and the jacuzzi was open until 10:30 at night. Parking was also free, which is a big plus in this area. Our room wasn't ready until exactly 3pm, so when we arrived we parked and headed off on our first adventure.

I had purchased one of those multiple-attractions-packages online, so our first stop was Table Rock Welcome Center to get our stuff. We got lanyards with pockets full of coupons, stickers, and tickets. The stickers let us ride the incline train and the PeopleMover buses from location to location, which came in handy.

We were hungry from the drive, so we tried Tim Horton's, a common fast food chain in Canada (and several states in the US, too). The prices were reasonable, the menu was small, and the quality was awesome. We both went with soup-and-sandwich, I chose chicken salad and potato soup... Jonathan went with the chicken club and chicken noodle soup. Everything was very good, and I'd recommend them. Instead of soup, for $1 less we could have had donuts with our combo meals, which we found intriguing. I got a can of Sprite with mine, Jonathan went with a cafe mocha, which was exceedingly delicious.

Then it was on to Journey Behind the Falls, which sounds really cool. In reality, it's average. You take an elevator down a few hundred feet, then you can go out onto several ledges to see the Horseshoe Falls up close. There are also an assortment of plaques around that you can read. You get a free poncho at most of the attractions it seems, and the one for this one was yellow (we kept them).
The weather was supposed to be hit-or-miss with the rain, and it kinda was. The sky never was clear, but it only rained a few times, and never super hard, so that was good.

And now, some photos of the actual Falls. First the American (rocks at the bottom), then the Horseshoe.

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  1. beautiful! I have simlar pictures of your last two! the color is still the same~ ( i went in 2005)