Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hollywood Tans

So for our fourth cruise, we did a lot of preparation. As one would guess, this means extra gym sessions and less desserts... but at the same time, we added a new process. We decided to try getting a base tan before we head to the Bahamas.

Neither of us had ever been to a tanning salon before, and I had only ever "laid out" about ten times in my entire life. But, we gave it a try for a month (and I probably should have posted about it before the trip, but I just thought about it). And while it's not really something I'd ever want to do regularly, it was different, kinda exciting, and produced pretty quick results.

Jonathan narrowed down the nearby ones on the internet, and I went and scoped out the top two in person. Island Sun Tanning was the one I had seen about ten times before, as it's in the same plaza as my favorite Dollar Tree (don't laugh. I think they're all different. I've been to three within fifteen minutes of the apartment, and yes, I have a favorite). And, they were slightly less expensive than the one we went with. But, I didn't feel the employee (a manager of some sort) did a good job of selling me on it, and they didn't have all of the amenities we were hoping for. They also weren't interested in giving me a tour without committing a little more.

Hollywood Tans had a pretty impressive website, but I was kinda baffled when I looked at the address. Turns out it's in the same plaza as my main grocery store (remember, there are tons around here!). A plaza I had been to probably 50 times in the past eight months... but I never saw it before. The employee there was really helpful, took me on a full tour, and explained several options plus how the specials factor in. Oh, and it's about a half-mile from our apartment. Sold!

We did stand-up tanning beds at the HT-54 power (although our very first tans were HT-60 since we had upgrade coupons). We started at 5 minutes a session, and eventually hit 7 minutes each (although Jonathan did his very last session at 8). It's really rather boring to stand in a small room for that long, but at least they had radios playing to give you something to listen to. It took me a while to figure out how to maneuver in order to get tan everywhere and not have areas white (like the combination of lifting your arms versus leaving them down at your sides).

Jonathan was a bit red after his first time, and I got red once in the middle, but otherwise we never burned from it, which is good. I never really got used to it, but Jonathan did. He could even understand how someone could get addicted to it, although I still don't understand how someone would ever even like it, LoL.

The result? We were tan going on the trip, and just got tanner there. We still used sunscreen while in Nassau, but otherwise were good with our base tans. It's not something I'd recommend to everyone, and not something I'd jump on doing again, but it's not all bad and I can see the benefits.

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