Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cruise to the Bahamas: Day 3

We set sail around 6am, but we were all asleep. We got up around 9 and were at breakfast by 9:30. Jonathan & Ebad went with the eggs benedict while Bryan and I went with the bagels and lox. That really is my very favorite breakfast on the cruise ships, since it's served with tomato and onion (and capers but I don't add those), and there's just enough cream cheese and salmon for the bagel's surface area.

We headed right up to the top deck and played a rousing game of 9-hole miniature golf. Bryan & Ebad tied for first place, and I came in third (I don't know that I win at miniature golf much at all... I usually come in last or just over last, LoL). It was blazing hot outside, so we went back inside. I checked out the shops and the sales (they sell gold/silver jewelry by the inch, but I wasn't too impressed this time around), and we all did our own things until we met up for lunch at 1pm.
because of the setup of the course, it was impossible to get all of it in one shot, so here's a few of the holesaction shot of Ebad putting

Ebad, Jonathan, and I wanted to try out the Mongolian Grill. The lines had been long all cruise, and we ended up waiting about half an hour. We were able to choose each ingredient, then specify the meats and sauces. It took a few minutes for the chef to actually stir-fry everything together, but in the end it was good. All of the ingredients were delicious, and I wish I had gotten the squid on mine in addition to the chicken. The szechuan was unbelievably hot, though. I went through a couple of rolls and an entire frozen drink as I ate 3/4 of mine. Ebad (who grew up eating very spicy foods) was sweating bullets eating his, and ended up heading inside for a shower as soon as lunch was done. Jonathan's wasn't as hot, despite choosing the same sauce... we think it's because he went with glass noodles instead of udon noodles (his noodles picked up the flavor in a great way!).

Bryan went for a run, Ebad & Jonathan entered the blackjack tournament (I didn't enter this time, but as it turns out I would have had a fighting chance), and I wandered around. Around 4pm, Ebad, JB, and I went to play Bingo. Ebad and I actually played, and Jonathan had a good time making sure we marked all of our cards (we had 3 each), and he also played some scratch-offs. Ebad really got into it (he had never played Bingo before), and I had a good time, although neither of us won anything. Jonathan, on the other hand, spent $10 and won $19 (plus, got two entries into the drawing to win a 5-day cruise, but our luck wasn't that good!). Then, something unexpected happened. While we were playing Bingo, an announcement was made that a crew member had been seriously injured, and we were turning around to get to the nearest port (Freeport, also in the Bahamas) so he could get medical attention. They assured us that it would not affect our overall travel time (and it did not), but we were able to go topside to see that island, as we circled the area for a bit. Then, it was time to tackle the waterslides. We had found Bryan, and Ebad decided he didn't want to get wet, so it was just the three of us on the different slides. We were really surprised that there were no lines when we went, since we had seen a couple dozen people in line every time we had walked by previously. They were pretty fun, but the bottoms were designed for kids.... meaning you didn't slide very far after the slide was parallel with the ground, presumably because of weight. It was still pretty fun.
Bryan coming down the big, yellow, twisty slideJonathan and I racing down the blue slideshere we are at the bottom!

After drying off, we headed straight for sushi, where we had different varieties than we had on the first night. However, none of them were fantastic - the salmon nigiri was probably the best. We changed for dinner and then headed for the show, which was before dinner that night. It was actually probably the worst revue I have ever seen on a Carnival ship (and at this point Jonathan and I have seen about 15 of them), but I think it had more to do with the choice of songs than the performance of the entertainers.

Then, it was on to our final dinner. Jonathan and I had onion soups. I liked it, he didn't care for it (mind you, that's probably the soup we're pickiest about). Bryan went with the mushroom soup, and he thought it was very good. They had cheese plates while I went with the tomatoes and mozzarella... the only appetizer I wouldn't get again (not that it's bad, just rather plain in comparison to the others). The guys went with yet another steak-ish entree, and I had my favorite favorite favorite - penne mariscos. It's penne with a tomato-based sauce, with scallops, shrimp, and calamari rings. It's SO GOOD, I absolutely love it whenever it's offered. This time in particular, the calamari was perfect. It filled me up to the point where I didn't order dessert, LoL. Bryan got the poached pear and raved about it.
most of our dinner crowd
our waiters dancing on the final night - to the right is Denzil, to the left is Nengyah (sp?)
Then, it was back to the rooms to pack our bags so they'd be picked up by the luggage crew. Bryan went to hang out with some people, Jonathan and Ebad went to play some blackjack one last time, and I headed over to watch some karaoke. Around 1am we decide to get some pizza and then order some sandwiches from room service. We hung out, watched television, and enjoyed the end of the cruise before heading to bed about 3am.

We were off the ship as soon as we ate breakfast the next morning, so there's not much to say... Jonathan went with the waffles, I had pancakes, and Ebad tried out the bagel that the rest of us had been bragging about. Bryan slept through breakfast and met us for debarkation. We found our luggage extremely quickly (which was lucky... sometimes it takes quite a while), and then we said goodbye to the cruise ship as we waited for the shuttle back to the cars at the hotel.

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