Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Longwood Gardens

One of the places that I visited with Jonathan's parents last week was Longwood Gardens. They're less than 90 minutes away, and a very interesting place. The story behind how they transferred from family to family, the upkeep, how they were turned into a public exhibit, and all kinds of things are so interesting there! There were three treehouses, a pipe organ with 10,0001 pipes, and a tower with giant bells. And that's not even considering the hundreds of thousands of flowers and topiaries at the place! We saw almost the entire thing, and it was really neat. I even tried my hand at photographing some flowers.
Floribunda Rose
Oriental Hybrid Lily
part of one of the nine rooms of pipes
doggie topiary
topiary garden
a treehouse
the Italian Water Gardens don't turn on until the middle of April :(
another treehouse

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