Sunday, January 10, 2010

One More on Running

So... running. I'm over it. I gave it a year, it never impressed me. The first time I tried to run a mile (back in January 2008), it was close to fifteen minutes. Breaking 13:30 was a big deal for me. June 1st was the first time I ever broke a ten-minute mile (with 9:55), and that was huge. On October 8th, I made the jump from two miles (which had become my standard, and I'd do them in 19:30-20 minutes) to the full 3.1, and it took 39:26. Adding a third mile is ridiculously detrimental to my pace. I never broke 38 minutes, no matter what combination of running/walking I tried, or how slow I started out.

I hate running. I truly do. It's horribly boring. It's mindless. It's depressing. I don't really see a purpose unless there's an emergency. I mentioned that I've tried various locations and distractions (television, music, etc.), but nothing really made it better.

I am now taking suggestions on a new activity to take up. Don't suggest rowing/crew. I gave that a go in college, also boring. I've also tried spinning. I have no interest in kickboxing or anything martial artsy. Otherwise, I'm taking suggestions!

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