Saturday, January 2, 2010

Flight to Florida

We were supposed to be in Florida for nine days. It ended up only being seven because of the snowstorm that came through. And they went by in a flash (which was funny, since the ten days we were down for Thanksgiving felt like a month to me). The next couple posts will go over some highlights, but I'm going to be boring and start with the trip down.

As we watched the snow come down all day long on the 19th, we thought about out 8am flight the next day. We strategized on alternate routes to the airport and even went out to buy a shovel to get out the car (we were naive not to have one before, I know). I did all of the laundry and cleaned the kitchen as we continued to watch flights being canceled all over the East Coast. Ours held fast for a long time. Finally, about 10pm, it was canceled. We had read all about "what to do" in this situation, so I immediately went online to re-book (AirTran offered a free re-booking within 5 days of your original departure). While we were discussing options, our flights were automatically re-booked... for the 26th!! So I call customer service and proceed to sit on hold for over an hour. A very friendly woman picked up my call, and I know she was probably quite stressed, given that she's probably been taking these calls for her entire shift. She found a nice flight for us, and as I was confirming everything... we were disconnected. She didn't call back, despite asking for a phone number early on. So Jonathan called back, and sat on hold for another hour. He got the same representative. The flight I almost got us was booked by then, so we took a different one.

We were about forty minutes late getting out of PHL, but since we had over two hours in ATL we weren't worried. We enjoyed some Qdoba at ATL, and listened to carolers singing in costumes. We were about 35 minutes late taking off from ATL anyway, but we still arrived in Orlando close to on-time.

(Getting back wasn't bad at all. we took an 8:30pm direct, got in a little before 11pm, home a few minutes after midnight)

The night we got to Florida we had Siam Orchid with the boys. I had them do my pad thai "spicy" and it lived up to that. Jonathan had some good curry, too. Joe delighted everyone with surprise gifts... Jonathan and I got camouflage hats, haha. Then we played the Seinfeld Scene-It game.

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