Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

The 26th began with a walk through the Paleo Hammock Preserve in Fort Pierce/Port St. Lucie. (I say both cities since sensibly it's in FtP, but the address is PSL). It was kinda neat, and very hidden. Apparently there's also another preserve (Teague) across the street. It was really wet, and we couldn't finish the trail because of flooding. I didn't take any photos since we didn't see any wild animals or birds, and no special trees or plants. The brochure is online of the path and what you can see.

We drove up to Orlando to have dinner with Jim's family, since he and Vivian were in from California. Jonathan made steaks (and some kielbasa for me), and everything turned out really well. Then we went to CityWalk for the night. The place was dead, which was weird. We were able to get a ton of free glasses from Pat O'Brien's, though. Even the dance floor at Margaritaville was near-empty, with a live band!

Sunday started off with the engine light coming on in the car. Turned out to be an EVAP system large leak that we still haven't found. The gas cap light came on the next day, but that seems to be fine, so who knows. Jonathan headed across the state with his parents to work on Dennis and Genie's entertainment system while I had a day full of activities. I went and saw Kyla at work, then had lunch at CrepeMaker in Tradition. I'd like to completely recommend you go there. It's a small cafe, but it was absolutely delicious, fresh, and worth the price. I ordered a small chicken fajita crepe, and it was quite plentiful. I sat at the "bar" and was able to watch it being made. The workers were both very friendly. A great deal at less than $7! Everyone around me was eating other crepes (including the mouth-watering dessert crepes!), and everything looked great. I might have tried a dessert one if I wasn't on my way elsewhere!

Jenee, the sister of one of my closest friends from high school, Michelle, was having a bridal shower in Fort Pierce. I haven't seen her in years (she wasn't able to come to our wedding, and she was out of town last time I went by Michelle's parents' house), so it was nice to wish her well. My grandmother is good friends with their grandmother, so it was neat to be at a shower with her. We actually won prizes for being married the longest and shortest, respectively. It was a lot of fun, with delicious food and cake and fun games. I wish I had taken a photo of the gift from the groom's mother... it was a ShowerMeister. Imagine two small, stacked barstools. Cover them in a robe. Put slippers by the feet. Add potholders to the armholes in the robe. Put an upside-down small trashcan as the head. Shower rings are taped to the bucket for hair. And that's just the start of it! There were towels, platters, and bbq tools for tailgating as well! It really was something very unique!

From the shower I headed to Tori's, and got to see her house for the first time. It was exciting to see it in real life (I had seen photos). I loved her lighting fixtures the most, I think. It's still missing cabinets and tile, but it's getting close to being lived in! I'm very happy for her. We exchanged gifts and then went to dinner at TooJay's, probably one of our favorite places (near the top of the list since there are no more nearby McAlister's...). We had the worst service ever, but had a good time anyway. Then we went back to her parents' house to play some Rock Band before I headed back to Melbourne.

Monday was all errands for me, as we needed to do some banking and renew the car registrations and such. Joe came back into town and Jonathan got back from Fort Myers, so the three of us went to dinner at Makoto's (teppanyaki place). It was very crowded and rather rushed, but still delicious food. I was very sad that I didn't eat it all and never had time to devour my leftovers. After that, Ebad joined us and the four of us played my new Pictionary Man game. Very fun!

Tuesday was pretty busy as well. Jonathan smoked some delicious ribs while I did some returns and packed. Kyla came up for lunch and we went and got 2010 planners from Office Depot. BK came up so we saw him for a couple hours. We played another game of Pictionary Man, and before we knew it, it was time to fly out again! Such a quick week!

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