Sunday, January 31, 2010

Amy's Birthday: Sunday in NYC

Sunday morning we were much more tired than we anticipated. We had figured we'd be on our way to Central Park by 8:30am or so... notsomuch. But, we did get to the Park before 11, and saw all of the major sights I had hoped to see (aka South Central Park, Mid and East). Photos below with captions explaining my selections. I also have a breakdown of what we'll see when we do the West part, and the North as well, hehe.
the Carousel
statue of Beethoven. There's a whole walk of famous figures in statue form
Bethesda Fountain
Terrace at the Bethesda Fountain
apparently a half-marathon was being run in the Park that morning. We saw the final few people
there was a very clear point where the Conservatory Pond became frozen
the Alice in Wonderland statue. they let you climb on it!
so we did!
the Obelisk
random curly tree

For lunch we decided on E.A.T., a rather famous restaurant on Madison Avenue. I had recently saw a special on them on the Food Network, toting their grilled cheese as the cheesiest in the country! As such, I ordered that while Jonathan went with the grilled ham and cheese. We were extremely impressed, and found it to be one of the best lunches ever. They were served with green salads and a strange dressing... I was expecting Caesar, but it ended up being more mustardy. There were plenty of breads served with the meal (sourdough, nutty, and raisiny), and the service was very good. It was a very good meal, but probably the kind of place you only go to on special occasion or to take tourists for a treat... aka it's pricey.
The plan was to see the Guggenheim Museum next, but when we arrived we found out that nearly half of the museum was closed because of renovations and changing out an exhibit that would begin five days later. We decided to put it off (you couldn't even walk the swirly stairs that day!) until another time.

We walked around a bit and saw a few things randomly before walking into a three-story Toys R Us. It was really cool, with a giant Ferris Wheel that you could ride, and lots of toy demonstrations.
Radio City Music Hall
the Pond at Bryant Park
Carnegie Hall
the Ferris Wheel!
all of the carts were cartoony
Statue of Liberty done in Legos!
Empire State Building in Legos! really realistic Jurassic Park dinosaur

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