Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Amy's Birthday: Saturday Afternoon in NYC

Jonathan and I have been meaning to go into New York more. So we're making it a point to get in and see the sights and whatnot. My birthday was a perfect opportunity for our first overnight in Manhattan. We parked at Trenton and took the train in again, then the subway to Times Square where our hotel was. Worked out great!

We stayed at the Millennium Broadway Hotel, right on 44th about half a block from Times Square. From our room we could even see a reflection of the ball! Jonathan took the route where you put in a bid and see if it gets accepted, and we got lucky! We had hoped for something in the Theatre District, and got this gem for almost $200 UNDER standard price! The view was great, the bed was firm, and the television was large. Nothing outstanding about the decor, and the remote wasn't the greatest. Location and price made it a winner. Here are a bunch of photos, first from the hotel room and then of Times Square. We spent the first part of the afternoon at the Museum of Modern Art, which was rather crowded, but not uncomfortably so. As we usually do, we started with the top floor and worked our way down. Overall, I was a little disappointed with the collections, but that is mainly due to the current "special exhibits," not the permanent ones. There were also several areas that were off-limits for various reasons, which made for a little disappointment.

We caught the very end of the Bauhaus exhibit, which was medium on the interesting scale. The Orozco exhibit on the sixth floor was neat, but the second floor dedication to his work was overdone at that point. We were not able to see the Tim Burton exhibit, as all of the tickets for the day were sold out already when we arrived. My favorite of the Orozcos was "Kytes Tree." You weren't allowed to photograph the works, but I found an image online that I've included below. We also saw "Starry Night," which is probably the most famous work in the museum. There were also several Picassos and a few of the popular Warhols. Having taken Art History in undergrad, I enjoyed many of the pieces, and my three favorites are below.

Orozco's "Kytes Tree"Rousseau's "The Dream"
Duchamp's "The Passage from Virgin to Bride" (which is strange, since I normally loathe Duchamp's pieces)
Siquerios' "Collective Suicide"

After we finished the MoMA, we decided to see the New York Public Library. Not the common sight, but we were both interested in seeing it. It's very large, very old, very spacious, and very confusing. No maps and a lot of construction yielded a short visit. Still, we marveled at the amount of marble and awed at the arches.

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