Saturday, December 5, 2009

Black Friday 2009

So for some reason it really only came to light for me this year that not everyone shops on the day after Thanksgiving. I mean, I've known a lot of older people who don't want to get up and fight the crowds and the cold... but I just kinda assumed that since all of my friends and I have done it for about ten years now that everyone our age did it. Apparently not, LoL.

Since we were down in Fort Pierce for Thanksgiving, Jonathan and I went shopping in Vero Beach. It took some serious thought since we couldn't remember where a lot of stores were (like Rack Room or Toys R Us and Sports Authority... the latter two ended up being closed down anyway). There were no super-sales on items we were after, so we didn't plan on being at any stores in particular for opening (which we've had a good deal of success with in the past). We got up at 5am and were at the Indian River Mall by 5:45 or so.

We hit JC Penney first, but decided against the two items we were headed for. The first didn't seem to be high quality, and the second I was kinda wavering on anyway. We did pick up a couple pairs of pants that Jonathan found while I tried on some boots. Then we went to Rack Room Shoes... the advertisement had some great pairs of men's shoes and some cute boots. The shoes ended up being junky and the boots I had my eye on ended up being children's. But, we both found pairs of boots on sale, and with an additional 20% off coupon I had, it was like $55 for two pairs of boots! We were both kinda psyched. Then we went to Sears before leaving the mall. We ended up not buying our planned item there either... too heavy to bring back to Pennsylvania.

We then split up... I went to Beall's and Target, Jonathan went to Home Depot (and tried to go to Toys R Us before figuring out it was gone). I was on the lookout for a holiday dress, but ended up buying a cruise-wear dress instead (at 66% off). Target was out of all the items I was looking for (but they had been open for almost 4 hours by that point, so that's fair). Home Depot was out of Jonathan's top item, but he was able to grab two others, which have already come in handy, strangely enough. We also hit up Walgreens, hoping that they'd have more on sale than what was actually in the flyer... but no luck. We did grab a few frozen pizzas (they were 3 for the price of 1), but no cards or wrapping paper or bows (standard items I grab on Black Friday from Walgreens).

While it was rather strange not to be loaded down with bags from ten stores by the time we were done, it sure was nice to sleep until 5am (I am often at the first location by then) and then be home for a nap by 9am (I am usually out past noon)!

I was actually able to get my Toys R Us item the next day in Melbourne, since it wasn't a doorbuster but part of a two-day sale. We also got to try out those wavy skateboards (I don't know if they're called RipSticks or if that's just a brand of them?)... you know, the kind where the kids just wiggle and they move along... they're really hard. It took me a few minutes just to figure out how to get on and balance (the front and back footpads swivel independently). I was able to go about 18 inches before falling over, LoL. Jonathan got the hang of it a bit better and managed to go about eight or ten feet. Joe didn't really get the hang of even getting on it, LoL.

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