Sunday, November 15, 2009

Savor Saigon Restaurant & H-Mart

It's hard to believe that the wedding was two and a half years ago already. It makes me want to watch the DVD for a twentieth time, LoL. But, sure enough, last Wednesday marked another anniversary for us. We went out to eat in celebration.

We hit the jackpot on this venture, really. We found delicious Vietnamese food not fifteen minutes from our apartment, at Savor Saigon. It's across the street from the Walgreens I usually go to, but I had never noticed the places in that plaza. Jonathan was in the mood for pho, and found a restaurant in Levittown, so we headed out there.

We arrived about 7:35pm, and the place was nearly empty. I was afraid that was a bad omen, but it wasn't. We were seated promptly and water was brought out before I had a chance to even open the menu. It's quite a few pages, and on the front it mentions that there is a $25 minimum for credit cards (an important bit to know since very few places require more than a $10 bill). We ordered summer rolls for an appetizer. They were very good (the best I've had since California), and quite thick. Jonathan really liked their house peanut sauce, nearly finishing the small dish of it.

Jonathan had beef pho, of course. He said it could have used more cilantro, but it was okay. The price was a tad high for pho, but since it is not in any sort of Asian neighborhood, it's not badly priced. He noted that there were a ton more noodles than usual. I was feeling shrimp pad thai at first, but after reading their ingredients and realizing I'd need to ask for three substitutions, I moved on. I ended up ordering a combination pan-fried noodle dish. It came with beef, chicken, shrimp, scallops, calamari, bok choy, broccoli, chinese broccoli, mushrooms, and carrots (I asked for no snow peas). The dish was very large when they brought it out (I didn't even eat half), and the sauce was absolutely fantastic. The noodles were crispy for the most part, but did soak up the sauce for a nice texture as well. I was very pleased with my meal, and the fact that it made two leftover dishes as well!

When we left dinner, we walked through the rest of the plaza. There's a martial arts place, an ice cream cakery, a pizza place (of course), and an H-Mart. We stopped inside there for about fifteen minutes. H-Marts are an Asian grocery chain, and are filled with tons of specialty products. There are great prices on meat in so many cuts (and animals for that matter). There were aisles of spices and powders and sauces. We saw thai tea mix (very helpful since we've come to resort to buying it on the internet), honey-flavored bread crumbs, and curry pastes that will certainly come in handy. I was pretty impressed with the prices in the bakery (tho not the selection), and the food court (Chinese and Korean) looked pretty good, too. There is a small selection of household goods that we didn't really look through (and it only drew our attention because we could feel the heat lamps at the front of the section), but another time.

We came home and did homemade chocolate fondue for dessert. It was fun to use the chocolate melter again, and we feasted upon strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and pound cake in the dutch chocolate. Definitely a sentimental dessert for me (we had a chocolate fountain at our reception).

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