Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cape May, NJ

Cape May has had an interesting connotation for me in recent years. In March 2005, it was one of the two finalists for the spring break trip that Jonathan and I took together. Seattle won, and as many of you know, that's where we got engaged. Seattle is a fabulous city, and the six days we spent there were pretty awesome. This has always made me question how Cape May would have compared.

Now, March is not October, and I've done some extensive traveling in between, so there are many variables which influence my opinion. But Jonathan, Dennis, and I spent two days in Cape May a week ago, and it was adorable. It was the off-season, so many places were closed and the population of the area was only a fraction of what it is during tourist season, but we had a good time.

We drove out from our apartment about 9am, and took our time meandering over, since somehow it took us nearly 5 hours to do a 2-2.5 hour drive.We hit some roadside farm stores and drove through Dennisville on the way over. We stopped at The Southville Corner Diner and Family Restaurant. The menu was verrry extensive, and the portions very large. I had a bacon cheeseburger with fries (average), Jonathan had the prime rib sandwich (fatty but okay) and French onion soup (I'd give it a C-), and Dennis had a flounder sandwich. We arrived at the home of two of Dennis' longtime friends, Ben and Michelle. After a little bit of chatting, we went to Cape May Point State Park and walked around some. Many hawks migrate through the area, and it is also a good spot to see many other types of birds. We used binoculars to spot some great birdies. :)
hawks are so big there that they chart how many are seen each day!
We BBQ'd for dinner and then watched Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Ben has a great entertainment setup, so although the movie was a bit different, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Tuesday morning, Dennis, Jonathan, and I walked through the downtown area, had some fudge, and admired a lot of the Victorian houses.In the afternoon we went to Higbee Beach Wildlife Management Area. We saw some dunes, lovely berries, and warblers.

Then to see the sunset, we drove over to a nice beach and enjoyed some wine, cheese, and grapes while watching the gorgeous sunset.
I carved a hawk jack o'lantern while Michelle made a wonderful dinner of lemony flounder and shrimp, with pesto penne and fresh bread. It was easily the thickest pumpkin I've ever seen. When Jonathan sliced open the top, the pulp nearly touched all around. After carving a little more, you had a view similar to that below.
It took me well over half an hour to widdle down the face-side to a third of an inch or so. I easily pulled out a half-gallon of pumpkin guts, which is rather astonishing to me. But in the end, the hawk turned out pretty well.
We ended the evening with How to Steal a Million and some delightful caramel cake.

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