Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Woodside Presbyterian Church

Woodside is hands-down the closest church to our apartment, at less than a 5-minute drive, door-to-door. Because of that convenience, we were kinda hoping that it would be a star in our eyes. Now, it wasn't a bad option, but we can do better.

We weren't hounded by regulars, but not one person asked our names, either. The bulletin had some basic information, but lacked some key points... like what scripture we would be referencing. The sanctuary itself was pretty, with a stone wall and a stained glass wall on either side of us, but the pews didn't include hymnals or Bibles. It was a "classic" service, but still utilized the projection screen for the lyrics, and there was a powerpoint with the sermon. There was no choir (they do seem to have one, just not in the summer), but a pianist, an organist, and a music director led the (albeit weak) singing. The sermon was VERY well-rehearsed, and he knew the powerpoint like the back of his hand... but the details, examples, and images included are excessive. We're not sure if all of his sermons are similar, or if this one had extra detail because it was part of a late-summer series.

We may give it another shot in late September, after it had moved from summer sessions to regular season... back to three services, a choir, nursery, etc. (I only point out nursery because there were A LOT of babies present at the service... at least ten under two years old!) Who knows, maybe we'll have found something else by then anyway.

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